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V: Hello?

K: Yes, this is Gamallazeem.

V: Who?

K: Kamaladee (heavy Middle Eastern accent). You emailed my wife. …

V: Oh! I’m sorry. I’m so unorganized. Are you, um, I’m doing, like, five stories and … can I meet with you this week for an interview? Where are you, Pembroke Pines?

K: (pause) I’m underground.

V: (pause) Oh! Oh! Oh my goodness! You’re him! The guy! Jerry ( sent me your email! Oh, man! Well, can you talk now?

K: (to his wife) Do I have time now? 45 minutes?

(I’m going deaf. It’s Kamal Saleem, former Islamic terrorist, author of “The Blood of Lambs.” He is underground because Muslims that leave Islam are killed. In 2004, Kamal told his wife about his secret past for the first time. She replied, “I will go with you wherever God sends you.” The goal of his book is to “wake up and arise” the American people to the truth about radical Islam, and to reach Muslims about the saving grace of Jesus Christ – He loves them, too.)


Kamal Saleem

I ran to find my car keys. My cell-phone battery was dying. I dashed to my car, plugged my cell into the car phone jack and searched under the car seats, between the old French fries, for a pen and some paper. Kamal Saleem began his story:

I was a raised in a Muslim home in Lebanon where by the age of 10 we recited the Quran three times. My father was a blacksmith. My mother taught us on the kitchen table, my favorite place. The goal is to live our life in accord with the Islamic teaching, obeying Allah and Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. We were poor. I had 14 brothers and sisters. At the age of 7, I went on my first mission to Israel through the Syrian Golan Heights. I had love of Allah, the god of Islam. Allah and Jehovah are two different gods. Islam is about works, not faith; it is what you can do for god, not about what He can do for you (Ephesians 2:8,9).

I learned how to carry out the great commission of Islam given to Muhammad by Allah – to war until the whole world becomes Islamic and the final imam/caliph arises to lead the Islamic world for a total victory against non-Muslims and declares (Ummah) one-world order under Allah. I was a meek and humble boy. My mom said, “You will die for Allah and bring victory for Islam. If you kill a Jew, your hand will light up and heaven will celebrate your victory.” I started fantasizing about dying for Allah. At 5 years old, I started attending the mosque with my family members. The Quran teaches that Muslims will go to hell first before paradise.

The Quran said, “Those who died for the sake of Allah (the Martyrs) are not dead, but alive before Allah prospering.” My mom and dad taught us that with the first drop of blood you become an intercessor for 70 of your immediate family; the second drop of blood, you get 72 virgins in heaven. You earn heaven by a martyr’s blood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the most radical organization. In 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood rose to glory and power. Their sole goal is to bring back the Islamic empire, a one-world empire, and the final imam. I learned from the group our purpose, how to infiltrate Western civilization, Christian or secular. I learned that Israel and America stand in the way of peace and that Shariah law (Islamic constitution) is higher than all laws, so we can’t be equal or make peace treaties. We are beyond and above. I had a Quran and a rifle (sword).

At 7 years old, our Muslim Brotherhood (MBH) group joined the PLO, and I attended a camp where I was trained with weapons and explosives. I lost a friend in training. My first mission was to Israel, the Golan Heights, through Syria. I was dressed as a Bedouin child and crossed in tunnels carrying weapons in a knapsack. We rendezvoused with the shepherds who strapped knapsacks on the belly of the sheep, to give to the martyrs (Fedayeen). We were “child soldiers.” Pakistan and Afghanistan have “child soldiers.” A camp like this was just found in the Philippines. Six hundred young children were there.

At 8 years old, going on my second mission, I recruited my neighbor’s little boy Mohammed to go with me. I promised his mother I would protect him. He was killed when shrapnel metal went through his esophagus. I carried him home to her. She was initially sad, but I reminded her that he was being rewarded in heaven, and she threw a wedding party for him the next day with cookies and juice. This mixing of sheep’s blood with boy’s blood is what gave me the title of my book, “The Blood of Lambs.” These beliefs we were taught were human truths, not God’s truth.

I was taught jihad; there are four kinds – war over self, political, war like 9/11, and silent war, the destruction of a civilization from within, the “Trojan horse” cancer. I was sent to America for this kind of war.

My mission in America was to take the kids, change the culture. The Muslim Brotherhood sent me; the Saudis financed us. We opened mosques and targeted universities, politicians, the jail system and poor neighborhoods.

In 1985, I was in a car accident. I was cut off, I swerved and a semi hit me. I was lying in mud with a fractured neck and a stranger came up to me, wiped the mud off of my face and said, “We’ll take care of you. Everything will be all right.” An ambulance came, and another stranger, a surgeon, said to me, “We’ll take care of you. Everything will be all right.” I told the orthopedic surgeon that I had no insurance, no friends. I could not tell him I was in a “cell” and well-financed. He said, “Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you. Everything will be all right.” In my country we meant something different when we said, “We’ll take care of you.”

The orthopedic surgeon took me home with him. He put me in the biggest bed, in the biggest room. His three children said, “Welcome, Uncle,” and they prayed for my healing. My soul was pierced. I saw the Word in action. They gave me a new car. I was loved unconditionally. The family prayed for me in the name of Jesus. Sixty men gathered and held hands in a circle with me in the middle, and they prayed for me, that I’d have perfect healing, a heart of flesh, not stone, and that my spiritual eyes and ears would be opened and that I would come to know Him.

Our prayers in mosques were curses to our enemies, vexes. The Christians prayed love for me. The Quran discriminates. The Bible does not discriminate. Islam is conditional, the Bible is unconditional; Islam is man dying for Allah, Christ is God dying for man; we had the sword of Islam, God sent an Intercessor, His Son; we shed human blood, God shed His own blood; we stoned adulterous women, Jesus freed the adulterous woman; we kill our enemies, Jesus loved his enemies; we take their heads off, Jesus gives them food, shelter and life.

When I went back to my apartment, I fell on my knees by the window facing east. I asked Allah, “Why have you done this to me? Put me with Christians. They may be stupid, but their God answers their prayers and they have a relationship with Him. The Bible spoke out loud to them. You don’t speak to me. I want a relationship with you, if you are real speak to me.” Allah did not speak to me.

Even the Quran said that Jesus was the only one without sin (the Word of God).

I heard the voice of God calling me by name, “Kamal, call on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” I said, “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, if you are real, speak to me.” Yahweh filled the room. I said, “Who are you?” He said, “I am that I am. I am the Alpha and Omega. I have known you before you were knitted together in the womb (Psalm 139). Arise, you are my warrior.” I said, “My Lord, I will live and die for you.”

Sitting in my hot Florida driveway, in my car with the engine idling, the air conditioner on and my cell phone plugged into the cigarette lighter hole, I managed to mumble, “I’m speechless.” Kamal said, “Praise be to God.” I wiped the tears from my eyes. We hung up. I called Barnes and Noble and ordered his book, “The Blood of Lambs.” I bowed my head and said, “Praise be to God.”

Yes, I believe Jesus loves Islamic terrorists, but He doesn’t keep them there. He lifts them up.

Note: To contact Kamal Saleem, email [email protected].

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