The comedian in chief continues his arrogant, self-righteous march across mainstream media and the country, pretending concern about border security while spouting platitudes about the sanctity of immigration.

Platitudes, yes, i.e. a path to citizenship is “a moral imperative.”

Speaking at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama, quoted from Deuteronomy [10:19] about loving the stranger and that it’s a call for us to show empathy to others.

Ah yes, you know a politician is on thin ice when he resorts to religion and morality to shore up his weak defenses.

Then there was comedy – or at least ludicrous attempts at it, i.e. Republicans will “… want a higher fence … maybe they’ll need a moat … maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat.”

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Talk about a slap in the face of American citizens in border states, especially those who live and work along the actual border, who face daily invasions and threats from illegals.

It’s not a joke to them. Apparently their losses, damages endured and physical threats mean nothing to the president of their country.

But Barack Obama remains in the thrall of immigrant rights groups, preaching for what he and supporters persist in calling “comprehensive immigration reform.”

It sounds so noble. It’s presented as a way to solve the problem that thousands of illegals from across the world swarm across our southern border every year.

It sounds so easy. Just change the law to give them a “pathway to citizenship,” and all will be fine. But, no matter how they package it, it’s amnesty – nothing more, nothing less.

But what’s needed isn’t easy, and the phrase Obama uses is meaningless because it’s not immigration law that needs reform; the immigration system is not broken.

What’s needed is enforcement reform. In other words, we have to start following the law.

There are confirmed reports that Border Patrol officers have been ordered not to apprehend people as they cross the border. (See my WND column of May 2, 2011.)

What’s that about? Of course, it’s denied, except that the people on the line attest to the truth of the situation.

Moral imperative? What about the morality of city governments nationwide spitting in the face of the law by declaring themselves sanctuary cities, refusing to report illegals to federal officials?

This is open defiance. Just last week in San Francisco, the feds got a double whammy.

First, Sheriff Mike Hennessy said he won’t cooperate with the feds by holding illegals accused of misdemeanors, even if the feds want them to follow up on fingerprint identification and later, for deportation hearings. In fact, starting June 1, those illegals will be released.

Hennessey says he’s just following San Francisco’s sanctuary law which says only those charged with felonies are turned over to ICE. According to the Examiner, San Francisco is the first California county to implement such a policy.

Then, five days later, Mayor Ed Lee announced the city of San Francisco will stop reporting juveniles arrested for felonies who are also suspected of being illegals if they can show they have family ties to the Bay Area, are enrolled in school and are not repeat offenders.

Lee calls his plan a middle-ground approach, yet the San Francisco Chronicle reported that since 2008, of 159 minors arrested on felony charges were reported to ICE by the Juvenile Probation Department, 110 had felony convictions.

Despite that, Lee says his preference is to ignore the feds and comply with the sanctuary policy.

This is just one city/county. There are scores of sanctuary cities across the country that shield illegals regardless of criminal status, yet changes are taking place. Last week, the Texas house voted 99 to 47 to ban sanctuary cities in the state.

While politicians and immigration advocates argue the finer points of the law, the border remains open and illegals continue to cross it by the thousands and lives are at risk.

Last week, two Border Patrol agents were killed southwest of Phoenix during a pursuit of illegals. The agents, from the Yuma sector, were in their SUV when it was hit by a freight train. Details of the accident are being investigated by local and federal agencies.

These two deaths are added to the growing list of American citizens killed in this country because of the continuing influx of illegals. You can add to that the number of Americans killed in Mexico because of drug trafficking and those being kidnapped across the border and you have more and more innocent victims of mismanaged border enforcement.

Residents of Portal, Az., a small town east of Tucson, are furious at Obama’s nonchalant attitude about illegals. They’re especially angry because as I write this, they’ve been evacuated because of a massive wildfire in Horseshoe Canyon – a blaze blamed on illegal alien activity.

Last year, a similar fire from a similar cause in the same location burned more than 10,000 acres.

Residents have written a letter of petition to Obama decrying his casual attitude about the sweeping damage to lives, property and government because of illegal aliens.

They’re angry that illegals were allowed to get 50 miles inland from the border and ruin their lives and businesses.

Then, they ask the critical question: “Or, in the eyes of our government, do we just reside in a “sacrifice zone?”

I can’t wait to hear Obama’s joke about that.

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