Well, how interesting. The Boston Globe is too “biased” to cover Obama’s visit to the city. Perhaps those in the Globe’s newsroom have been neglecting their duties. The senior editors should insure that the entire newsroom unfurls their prayer rugs, bows down toward Washington, D.C., and worships the current White House occupant three times each day.

Veteran correspondents have even deigned to raise an “Ah – hum …” about this. Sid Davis, who covered nine presidents, said today’s correspondents act as if they are in the presence of a monarch. Well, aren’t they? They made Bush into Satan; now Obama is their god. And gods demand worship.

From the article, “[L]ongtime NBC and ABC reporter Sander Vanocur: You want to know what’s wrong with the press? The press is what’s wrong with the press.'”

Gosh – somebody actually said it! The press’ demise isn’t the fault of the Internet; it’s not the fault of a reduced parakeet population; it’s the fault of the press.

“But … but … but … that would acknowledge personal responsibility! It’s Bush’s fault!”

Once upon a time … think even back to Nixon and Watergate and the plumbers. The press prided itself on “speaking truth to power.” The press wasn’t perfect, but it did have a way of winnowing in and coming back with enough splinters of evidence that something approaching the truth could be pieced together. And published.

Today’s press has a different motto: Propaganda to the People. The press is rightly perceived by the vast majority of the public as an arm of the Democratic Party. The press is unable to look critically at public sector unions, illegal aliens, racial discrimination against white people and budgets that spend us into bankruptcy. Instead, we get Democratic Party press releases, stamped with the newspaper’s masthead before being published.

Today’s press spouts the deceits of its masters: The East Coast elites alone hold the solution to all our problems, even though they’ve been in power during the time all our problems developed. Republicans in name only (RINOs) are to be spared, but anyone who looks at the nation’s problems and proposes anything but the discredited communist solutions propagated by “the party” is to be smeared – with manufactured dirt if necessary – and destroyed.

And even with all this said, the presstitutes are too stupid to recognize that they are the cause of their own demise. I guess that’s why the Greeks called it tragedy.

Here’s a plan for America’s newsrooms. Hire a few investigative reporters. Not the ones on Soros’ secret politburo payroll. Not ones who used to work in government and therefore know which butts to kiss. Stay away from people who want to be liked. A real newspaper doesn’t want to be liked; it wants to be feared.

Hire people who are suspicious of power regardless of who holds it. Turn them loose, and don’t ask too many questions. And when they dig up a big story, print it on the front page. Blow your own horn, because you’ve done something good for America.

Don’t apologize to those in power for inconveniencing them with the truth. Don’t fire the reporter. And don’t beg for your old chair back at the next presidential press conference.

Fly coach instead of groveling for a seat on Air Force One. Then, by the time you are old enough to look back on your life, perhaps a few minutes of it will have mattered.

Forget the communist morons masquerading as J-school professors. Forget young airhead J-school recruits who want to “change the world.” Just uncover the truth and publish it. And when you do – the world will change.

That’s how to become relevant.

Journalism today is getting exactly the respect it deserves. Even the nation’s parakeets don’t want government press releases in the bottoms of their bird cages anymore. At least the Nazis had the decency to call the Ministry of Propaganda what it was. Perhaps the press in America will someday reach those same ethical standards.

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