The Tea Party Nation, one of the largest groups in the tea party movement that rocked the 2010 elections, ejecting California Rep. Nancy Pelosi from her seat of power and electing a Republican majority in the U.S. House, earlier said that new Republican House Speaker John Boehner should be replaced because of his unwillingness to crack the whip on federal spending.

Now Tea Party Nation leaders say they can’t wait that long to seek his exit.

“Three months ago, TPN called for Boehner to be challenged in the Republican primary,” the organization said in an alert to its constituents today. “We can no longer wait for a primary challenge to Boehner. We must try to get the Republican House members to replace him as speaker.”

Shock the Washington establishment by participating in the “No More Red Ink” campaign and shut down all new plans for bailouts, “stimulus” spending and even the funding for Obamacare.

Tea Party Nation explained, “On April 25, Boehner met with tea party activists in his district. He told them the debt ceiling would not only be raised this time, but it would be raised again and again. What Boehner did not say was the message behind the message. The message behind the message is that Boehner is not serious about spending cuts. Why would we need to raise the debt ceiling? We would only need to raise the debt ceiling so we can borrow more money. The only reason we would need to borrow more money would be if there are not going to be major spending cuts.”

Tea Party Nation Founder and CEO Judson Phillips told WND that with Boehner in charge, there is a significant likelihood that the nation’s debt ceiling will be raised, allowing President Obama to borrow and spend more money and put the nation deeper in the red.

WND could not reach anyone at the office of the House Speaker this evening for comment.

The TPN explanation said, “At Tea Party Nation, we have warned our membership for two years that it is not enough that we replace bad leadership. We must replace bad leadership with good leadership. Replacing Nancy Pelosi with John Boehner isn’t much of an improvement. Boehner is the typical RINO [Republican in name only] we have warned about. He has no interest in advancing a conservative agenda. He gives lip service to our agenda during election season, when his true agenda is to be a deal maker. This past Sunday, he came right out and said he was ready to cut a deal right now.”

The organization continued, “We do not need someone who is going to cut a deal. We need someone who is serious about stopping spending and fighting the Obama regime. That person is not John Boehner.”

“We cannot fight Obama when we are having to fight those who are supposed to be our allies,” the alert said.

In a recent column by Phillips, titled “It’s time for a tea-party insurrection,” he wrote:

The problem is, the American people and the tea-party movement did not send Republicans to Washington to surrender. We sent them to cut the budget.

John Boehner has demonstrated that he has no stomach for a fight and no commitment to stopping the insane spending that is sending this country into insolvency.

Two years ago, the tea-party movement arose with a simple message. We will not sit back quietly while the extreme liberal fringe spends this country into bankruptcy and poverty.

The Republicans talked a good game during the election season. Even after the election season, Boehner has talked about the need to cut spending. Wednesday, on his website, his staff posted an article about how high deficits and debt kills jobs. John, if you believe this, why aren’t you cutting spending?

Phillips wrote that the “time-honored Republican tradition of surrender” is over.

“Stopping the spending is actually simple. All we need are 218 House votes not to raise the debt ceiling, and Congress will have to balance the budget,” he wrote.

“Will there be negative consequences if we do not raise the debt ceiling? Possibly. But what will be worse? Problems now or problems when the national debt is $28 trillion and we really are insolvent. Any problems we would have now pale in comparison to a national economic collapse,” he said.

Phillips said he knows House Republicans won’t simply walk in and replace Boehner.

“The only way to get them to act against the speaker is to make them understand that the people who put them in the House want Boehner out and there will be a backlash if this does not happen,” the advisory said.

“At Tea Party Nation, we are preparing an open letter to the House leadership. We need your help. We need you and your tea party group to support this effort. If you want to be a part of this, email us at [email protected] and we will attach your name and that of your group. We will be releasing this letter next week. It is important, if we are going to stop the spending and stop Congress from borrowing more money that we will have to pay back and save the economy, that we act quickly.

“We need someone who is not afraid of a fight and who will fight. We need someone whose first thoughts are not how can I cut a deal. We need someone … who is more concerned for America and the people than for their next tee time,” the alert said.

An independent grassroots lobbying effort launched by WND founder Joseph Farah, called the “No More Red Ink” campaign, already has sent some million letters to House Republicans calling on them to oppose any rise in the debt limit, thus shutting off the spigot for more spending beyond the government’s revenues.

Since the campaign began, dozens of House Republicans have defected from Boehner’s position.

Shock the Washington establishment by participating in the “No More Red Ink” campaign and shut down all new plans for bailouts, “stimulus” spending and even the funding for Obamacare.

Though there has been little discussion about it in the national media or even on Capitol Hill, House Republicans hold all the cards on denying a debt-limit increase. With control of the House, they need only 218 votes against it to freeze borrowing and force the federal government to begin living within its means immediately.

Since approval of both houses of Congress is required to raise the debt limit, this is one of the very few meaningful actions the Republican-controlled House can take without the consent of the Senate or the White House, Farah says.

He has called it the Republicans’ “secret weapon.”

Members of the media who would like to interview Joseph Farah about this story can email [email protected]

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