Oliver Darcy, co-founder, Exposing Leftists

On at least one California college campus, the First Amendment guaranteeing the freedom of speech is revered as protecting everyone – everyone, that is, except Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the host of other “hate-mongering,” conservative hosts on talk radio.

In a new video aimed at revealing the hypocrisy of this sentiment, the student activists of ExposingLeftists.com filmed the circulation of a mock petition to ban conservative talk hosts from television and radio, or at least “reduce their air time,” all the while asking the signatories if they affirmed the freedom of speech.

“Come on, man, this is America. These guys should have an opportunity to be able to express their opinions,” objected an unidentified man in the video, “but I hate the b–tards, so …”

So he signed the petition.

“What bothers me is the spewing of hatred on these stations,” explained a woman who also consented to sign the petition.

“I will do that,” said another of the petition to make Limbaugh’s show illegal, “because that is just awesome.”

Exposing Leftists is a group of three college students who just this year began recording videos, as their website explains, “in order to show a greater audience the hypocrisies of liberals” and “to reveal the inconsistencies and failures of the liberal students and faculty at college campuses across America.”

Co-founder Oliver Darcy produced and appeared in the video, which can be seen below:

Editor’s note: Some of the people captured on camera speak minor obscenities that may be offensive to some viewers.

“Do you believe in free speech?” Darcy asked one of the women in the video.

“Of course,” she answered, even while her hand was signing the petition.

The affirmation of free speech on one hand, while seeking to deny it to conservative talk hosts on the other, was common among those appearing in the video.

“I can’t stand those people,” reasoned yet another woman who signed the petition.

“How can these students ‘support’ the freedom of speech while simultaneously wanting to ban conservatives from radio and TV?” asks Exposing Leftists.

“Our founders realized that the freedom of dissent and to speak one’s mind was key to the survival and stability of a constitutional republic,” the group states on its website. “Today, many want to limit the speech of those they disagree with, primarily conservative Republicans.

“In 1949, the Fairness Doctrine was introduced under the [Federal Communications Commission],” they continue. “Under Reagan, in 1987, the FCC ended the doctrine. While Democrat-controlled congresses have tried to make it law again, Republicans and those who support free speech oppose their efforts to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. To begin the limitation of political speech and dissent would lead us to a downward spiral of freedoms. As the last bastion of freedom in the world, we must fight to retain our most important right, and failure is not an option.”

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