Who died and made him God?

Blunt, yes, but that retort from my childhood fits perfectly the man who is president of the United States.

He may be president of this country, but he acts as though he’s God, perhaps the “emperor of the world,” with the right to interfere in the internal politics of other nations and pull the rug out from under our allies.

Obama did it again in his speech last Thursday. He minced no words – throwing down the gauntlet and telling Israel what it must agree to in order to have a Middle East peace and a separate state for the Palestinians.

There was a sense in his speech that the “enemy” in the issue is Israel and that the Palestinians are the good guys who have been put-upon over the decades.

Obama is disconnected from the reality that Israel is our only ally in that part of the world. It’s the only democracy in that part of the world. In fact, Israel is the only buffer to the complete takeover of that part of the world by militant Islamists. The real-politik truth of what that would mean to the free world apparently means nothing to him as he consistently shows his pro-Muslim bias.

He may have thought that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would cower and acquiesce to his demands, primarily that Israel return to borders that existed before the 1967 Six-Day War, along with other territory “swaps.”

Hah! No chance of that, and Netanyahu was blunt and to the point in his response: “Peace based on illusions will crash eventually on the rocks of Middle East reality.”

As the two men met Friday in the Oval Office with media present, tensions between them were evident, and it was clear from his face that Obama was not a happy camper. He doesn’t like being corrected or challenged – no emperor does. God certainly doesn’t.

Netanyahu said clearly that any proposition to return to those 44-year-old borders was rejected. He said, “We can’t go back to those indefensible lines, and we’re going to have a long term military presence along the Jordan.”

Obama also neglected the problem of divisions of Jerusalem and the millions of refugees.

Interestingly enough, as Obama laid down the law to Israel, he also promised American financial aid and debt forgiveness in the multi-billions of dollars for Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries that he says are striving for “democracy.”

At a time when our own economy is facing trillions in debt and deficits, unemployment growing with millions out of work, businesses struggle for survival as do states and municipalities, Obama feels free to give away our money.

Yet, he asked nothing from those same countries who would benefit from this astronomical largesse. In other words, Israel gives, Americans give and everyone else takes.


Let’s see: He’s telling Israel how to run itself while at the same time he has this country embroiled in Libya to change that government, right after insinuating himself and this country into the internal politics of Egypt.

All the while we still have an active war in Afghanistan – to change the politics of that country and are still involved militarily in Iraq for the same reasons.

Ah, yes; we’re spreading democracy.

Tell that to the troops fighting a politically correct war. Tell that to the families who’ve lost sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. Tell that to the wounded who face drastically changed lives and unsettled futures. Tell that to Americans who ask: “What’s going on?”

We’ve repeatedly been told that Middle East countries hate us because we’re so imperialistic and want to insinuate ourselves into their politics.

If they’re right, why do we repeat it every day at the instigation of the man who is president? Hasn’t he said we won’t do that?

Yeah, but It’s just rhetoric. It sounds good but means nothing.

Words, words, words.

Barack Obama took the oath of office and Americans assumed he would concern himself with this country on domestic and foreign interests – that he would have our best interests at heart.

As my parents used to say, “Never assume.”

The basic problem is that what we meant by “our best interests” is not the same as Obama’s goal.

Obama rolled into town and has spent virtually all his time, when not playing golf or on vacation, changing the country and the world to suit his view. Not only that, but he acts with an attitude of entitlement that enables him to make decisions for everyone, everywhere.

It was refreshing to see Benjamin Netanyahu stand up for what’s right for the sovereignty of his country. The United States has been, and is supposed to be, a friend and ally with Israel. Judging by the direction Obama is leading us, with friends like us, who needs enemies?

The reality of the road Obama has us traveling is that the very countries he seeks to enhance and protect would, at the drop of a hat, destroy us. In fact, that’s exactly what they want to do and, unfortunately, Barack Obama is helping them every step of the way.

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