WASHINGTON – You might consider it as a kind of sequel to Jerome Corsi’s best-selling “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President.”

“If all else fails, and Obama is permitted to seek re-election next year, he will be held accountable to voters,” says Corsi. “And this is the plan to make sure he doesn’t get another term.”

It’s called “How Obama Can Be Defeated in 2012: A Battle Plan Based on Political Statistical Realities,” and it is co-authored with political strategist Brad O’Leary.

Based on the most extensive polling of likely voters conducted by anyone, the conclusion of two political experts is that Obama is very beatable in 2012 – if Republican candidates and strategists follow some simple cues.

Unlike the snapshot polling data you see every day in major newspapers and on cable talk shows, “How to Beat Obama in 2012” gives you a vivid portrayal of the current American political landscape leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

Polling for this mammoth research project was commissioned by “The O’Leary Report” and conducted by IBOPE Zogby International. It surveyed 10,000 likely voters – a massive sample size that you simply will not find in other polls due the high cost and sophistication required to pull it off. In contrast, your typical New York Times poll, which serves as fodder for daily talk shows and opinion columnists, has a sample size of fewer than 1,000 people and frequently surveys adults as opposed to “likely voters.”

“How to Beat Obama in 2012” gives you a crystal clear vision of what various groups of voters – Red State voters, Blue State voters, battleground “Green State” voters, independent voters, business owners, religious voters, and many more constituencies – believe on a wide variety of issues.

Corsi, best-selling author and a Ph.D. in political science from Harvard, and Brad O’Leary, a veteran political strategist and author, completed the analysis for this book – certain to be must reading for every GOP campaign in 2012.

“This may be the last best hope for ensuring Obama is not back in Washington in 2013,” said Corsi. “The facts are there – even though you won’t hear them in the establishment media. You need this book to understand the roadmap to Republican political victory in 2012.”

Get your copy of “How Obama Can Be Defeated in 2012” by Corsi and O’Leary now.

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