You remember the 1967 borders of Israel, don’t you? That’s when the trains in Israel had signs on board that said, “Passengers are requested to please not lean their heads out of the country.”

President Barack Obama is not suffering a mild bout of geographical nostalgia. He’s simply our first anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian president. How stupid of us Jews to wallow for decades in the post-Holocaust pity of the world and the world’s admiration of Israel’s military prowess, and never give a thought to the possibility of such a thing. An open enemy does not necessarily mean an honest enemy. This one lies.

I don’t refer to the well-known lie of Washington telling the Israelis there would be no bad surprises, a week before announcing America’s decision to roll the map back to the absurd shape of Israel at its birth. When President George W. Bush, aboard a helicopter, was shown the scant distance from the westernmost point of 1967 Jordan to the water, he remarked, “In Texas we have driveways wider than that!” Others are doing a good job nailing Obama’s perfidy, treachery and the shameful wrongness of elevating terrorists and suicide bombers over virtually the only democracy between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. I’ll use my allotted space to address some more painful and less-noticed lies.

Did you hear the president during last Thursday’s speech at the State Department lament the plight of these “Palestinians who’ve never had a land of their own”? That’s a multi-layered lie. Opponents of the president point out there were no Palestinians until the 1967 war. But they’re wrong, too. There were Palestinians; AND THEY WERE THE JEWS! The Arabs up until that Six-Day-War were Jordanians, Egyptians or Syrians; depending on whether they lived in the West Bank, Gaza or the Golan Heights. The Arab of Ramallah was just as Jordanian as the Arab of Amman. The Arab of Gaza City was just as Egyptian as the Arab of Cairo. And the Arab of Golan was just as Syrian as the Arab of Damascus. The term “Palestinian” was quickly invented after that war to cause onlookers to do exactly what Obama just did: wail at the horror of this people without a land!

Sorry, Mr. President. It works with the Kurds, the Basques, the Lapps and others. It does not work with the “Palestinians.” They had their land, and would have had it today if their leaders hadn’t tried to kill Israel in its cradle.

In a football huddle, 11 men learn what’s expected of them right now. In politics, millions get the word. If you want to defend Obama, your instructions are to look wounded when my side points out that this is the first American president to try to re-impose the 1967 borders on Israel. You then say, “What’s the big deal? ALL presidents propose those borders as the starting point for negotiations.” All that means is that no president has ever suggested Israel give up MORE land than it had originally. Thereupon those presidents honestly insisted that the 1967 borders are indefensible and must be fattened. Obama turns his defenders not just into liars, but inept liars, by specifying those old borders may be shifted by “territorial swaps agreed upon by the parties.” Nothing to “fatten” with there!

There’s one central fact of life the president either fails to understand or pretends not to. International disputes abound: England versus America; Italy versus Yugoslavia; Peru versus Ecuador; Russia versus Finland. The American colonists wanted independence, not the death of every Englishman. The English wanted to retain America, not the death of every American. All the way, every time, that rule applies. Italy and Yugoslavia both wanted Trieste, not the extermination of every member of the other country’s population. In 1940, Peru and Ecuador each claimed two-thirds of each other’s territory (almost not joking)! In 1939, Soviet Russia wanted the Finnish Karelian Peninsula as a protective buffer. Finland wanted to keep it. That’s all.

Today’s Middle East offers the only case I know of where one side craves nothing less than the extermination of the other. Israel has already returned territory more than three times the size of Israel itself, including the Sinai Peninsula and its oil fields, without a thank-you, a lowering of the enemy’s voice or a shift in the enemy’s rhetoric.

The aspirations of Israel’s enemies are nothing less than the annihilation or removal of Israel’s Jewish population and the liquidation of the state of Israel.

Israel would be thrilled to make any reasonable deal that would guarantee peace.

You want conspiracy theories? The darkest one going now is that Israel’s enemies will attack, forcing Israel to use nuclear weapons to defend itself, whereupon the world – beginning with the Obama White House – will urge the destruction of this extreme war-mongering historical mistake called Israel.

Golda Meir, former Israeli prime minister, came off a little more high-minded. After the 1973 war she addressed Israel’s enemies telling them, “We can forgive you for killing our sons, but we can never forgive you for turning our sons into killers.”

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