If Harold Camping had wanted the world’s attention, he should have set the date the D.C. Gravy Train runs off the tracks, dams the Potomac river and cuts off the flood of taxpayer dollars to the inbred East Coast elitist fools who have “led” America into becoming a third-world dictatorship. To these incestuous morons, God is a joke. The world began on the day they were born and it ends the day they die. The only thing they care about in-between is how much they can steal from the rest of us, and how quickly they can use that money to buy more power.

This is the reason the East Coast media continue to savage anyone from “outside the club” who dares to run for president. While they would prefer socialists and communists – Republicans who got their money from the “old boy club” are OK, too. All the money and power belongs to them forever. They’re not too concerned with the “R” and “D” labels the rest of us affix to things. The elitists are King Henry’s illegitimate heirs; traitors to the American revolution and what Lincoln termed “mankind’s last best hope.”

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King Henry’s incestuous offspring regained control of the federal government through modification of the Constitution to include: direct election of U.S. senators, an income tax and the Federal Reserve. This centralized control and transferred that power to the East Coast elites, who built their financial centers. It made the states beholding to D.C., not the other way around, as the Constitution had created. The federal government was intentionally limited by the founders – in perpetuity – because these men understood what it was to live under a monarchy. (Go back and read that last sentence until you comprehend what it means, those who cheered the Obama coronation.)

America’s traitorous elitists saw in Obama a figurehead that a nation of poorly educated, but well-indoctrinated student-loan serfs, welfare dependents, public sector union “servants” and “what’s in it for me independents” would vote for under the heading of “affirmative action.”

They were correct.

What they failed to calculate was the cost of his election to the nation.

Their house of cards built of (formerly) 10-cent dollars, soon to be 1-cent dollars, did not withstand their own greed and lust for power. It collapsed. The biggest banks in the world were unable to pay their obligations. Since they all owed it to one another – they had to be saved!

Taxpayer safety nets were constructed at great expense beneath banker’s penthouse windows to prevent them from doing the honorable thing and sparing the gene pool (not that any would have, anyway).

Isn’t it interesting that both Harold Camping and the East Coast elitists could have spared themselves and the organizations they claim to have cared about (the church and the nation) a boatload of grief by doing one simple thing? Consulting the source documents!

For the church, Jesus – who turned out to be God – said we would know the season when the end was coming, but as to the day and hour – His Father alone knew and hadn’t shared it with anybody. Look it up, Harold. You owe the church an apology.

For the nation, the term “natural born citizen” meant at the time the Constitution was written – and means today – someone born in America to parents who are themselves both American citizens. Obama’s presidency is illegal – and the elites could have spared this nation a great deal of grief if they had looked it up in the Constitution. You owe America an apology.

Guess who will apologize first.

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