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Limbaugh's parody stirs 'racist' charge

Hours after he announced his entrance into the 2012 Presidential race, Governor Tim Pawlenty joined Rush Limbaugh to talk about his legislative record and his platform (FREE audio).

Michael Steele probably won’t be on Rush Limbaugh’s Christmas card list, after an African-American talk show host named Rob Redding got the former GOP chair to condemn a satirical bit on Rush’s show as racist.

“It’s exemplary,” Limbaugh complained, “and it’s a illustration of a problem that people on our side have of hanging in and being tough” (FREE audio).

Speaking of satire: Rush Limbaugh’s in-house parodist, Paul Shanklin, unveiled his latest song spoof, in honor of Obama’s speech calling on Israel to revert to their 1967 borders:

Michael Savage

Shockingly, the new conservative government in the U.K. has just renewed the country’s bizarre travel ban on Michael Savage – a ban that was introduced by the opposition Labor (socialist) Party.

At AmericanThinker.com, Thomas Lifton offered a thoughtful response: “Even if Michael Savage is not your favorite, this decision should chill you for what it reveals about the fragility of western civilization.”

Savage himself responded on his show, quoting one of his defenders, a liberal professor named Jonathan Turley, who writes that he doesn’t agree with most of Savage’s views, but is more worried about the creeping fascism of state censorship (FREE audio).

Savage is also encouraging more people to sign his petition against the ban, available at his website.

On a lighter note, Savage told listeners that while he’d enjoyed the first “Hangover” movie, he had no intentions of going to see “Hangover 2,” and explained the reason why (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity spent last week talking to potential GOP presidential candidates. This week, Karl Rove joined him to bring some expertise and historical perspective to the topic (FREE audio).

As for the current occupant of the White House, Hannity was audibly amused as he read aloud from a New York Magazine article revealing the not-so-shocking fact that the First Lady hates Fox News.

“Michelle Obama was said to be most turned off by Hannity,” read the host with a laugh. “Is this a badge of honor or should I be upset?”

Later, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton criticized President Obama’s treatment of Israeli President Netanyahu and his stance regarding the 1967 borders, calling it “a big mistake politically on [Obama’s] part” (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Mark Levin will be one of many conservative pundits appearing in a forthcoming documentary about Sarah Palin. The film has been commissioned by Palin herself as a platform to clear up questions about why she resigned from the office of Alaskan governor.

Just months after losing his beloved dog Griffen, Mark Levin informed fans that his 13-year-old dog Pepsi had also succumbed to illness. Listeners flooded Levin’s Facebook pages with their condolences.

Back on the air, Levin compared Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with President Obama, calling the latter “an embarrassment” (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Lots of people were talking about Laura Ingraham this week, but she might have wished otherwise. The reason? Belligerent “progressive” talk show host Ed Schultz launched into a strange on air attack on Ingraham, calling her a “slut.”

After the inevitable backlash, Schultz apologized to Ingraham on his MSNBC show and was suspended for a week.

Laura Ingraham graciously accepted Schultz’s apology (FREE audio), then talked to Michelle Malkin about the phenomenon of “progressive” media males and their foul mouthed attacks on conservative women.

Ingraham’s other guests this week included Dick Armey, Rep. Mike Pence and Bill Lant, a Missouri state representative who criticized Obama’s response to the historic tornados that have devastated his region.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck made two major announcements this week. First, he has entered the lucrative “online deals” business already staked out by companies like Groupon. According to his official announcement, Beck’s Markdown.com “is a place where I will be able to connect you directly with the products and retailers that I love.”

Then Beck made a move many predictive after he announced his departure from Fox News a few month ago: He will unveil a web TV channel in January called GBTV.

And now, on the left side of the dial …

Ed Schultz’s foul-mouthed rant captured most of the attention this week, but incredibly, it wasn’t he only outburst. Overlooked in the fray was Schultz’s angry phone call to one of his fellow “progressive” radio colleagues.

After a local host in Colorado called out Schultz for criticizing radical “documentary” filmmaker Michael Moore (got that?), Schultz called in to the show and proceeded to argue with the host about which of them was a “true liberal,” and ultimately telling the Colorado talker to “go to h—.”

Is it any wonder that a panel hosted by Ed Bolling of Fox News wondered on the air this week about whether or not Schultz was “drinking or doing drugs” and needed professional help?