At the University of Maryland, out-of-state students have to pay $24,800 in tuition – unless they are criminals!

Then, as illegal aliens, they will, beginning July 1, have to pay only $8,400 in tuition, thanks to Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley and the Democratic majority of the Maryland General Assembly.

This absolutely outrageous Maryland discrimination against fellow American citizens of other states – and in favor of criminal invaders from outside the United States who have no U.S. citizenship – is being opposed by many Maryland citizens.

They have until June 30 – that’s only 30 days – to collect more than 55,000 signatures to require a state-wide referendum on this law just passed and signed by O’Malley.

Maryland Democratic legislator Ana Sol Gutierrez, D-Montgomery County, told the Washington Post:

“We’ve got guts! We were willing to go against the tide and stand for something that is the right thing to do!”

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She and other Democratic legislators, along with left-wing religion leaders and students, jammed the governor’s reception room at the state house to rejoice.

The many reasonable voters of Maryland should not only go out of their way to sign this briefly allowed petition for redress, they should also obtain a list of every member of the Maryland Legislature who voted for this legislative atrocity. And they should circulate all the names of those state senators and delegates who so disgustingly discriminated against U.S. citizens from other states – in favor of criminals who are illegal aliens from other countries.

In a letter to the editor of the Washington Times, Sidney Secular of Silver Spring, Md., noted, among other very serious things, the following:

“In March, Maryland’s House of Delegates Rules Committee held hearings concerning the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

“House Joint Resolution 10 was introduced by first-term Republican Delegate Neil Parrott and co-sponsored by 15 other delegates. Joint Resolution 10 resolves that Maryland ‘end sanctuary policies and require public and private employers comply with federal and state immigration laws,’ and calls on law enforcement to arrest any person harboring illegal aliens.

“Gov. Martin O’Malley and his left-wing comrades in the General Assembly ignore the federal laws regarding immigration issues despite the constitutional requirement that they enforce them. The statutes of the United States is [sic] part of the law of each state just as if it were written into each state’s law books. The federal code makes no exceptions. Any governor, mayor or local official who offers sanctuary to illegal aliens and prohibits the police from enforcing the federal law is in violation.

“Offering sanctuary to illegal aliens not only undermines our legal system but also creates a great financial burden for Maryland’s citizen taxpayers. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates the illegal alien population in Maryland to be 300,000.

“The direct cost to Maryland taxpayers forced to support the illegal population includes education, health and incarceration. The documented cost of educating from kindergarten to 12th grade the 80,300 children of illegal aliens is more than $966 million annually, according to the July 2010 report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform. An additional $250 million is spent providing special English instruction to an estimated 35,000 children of illegal aliens. The total cost for educating the children of illegals is more than $1.2 billion a year. Health care for illegals in Maryland costs $167 million a year, and incarceration of illegal alien criminals costs $29 million.

“There are additional indirect costs. As Joint Resolution 10 states, ‘The illegal alien invasion has a corresponding increase in violent crimes, criminal gang activity, threats to public health … and jobs taken from Americans.’ These indirect costs, though incalculable, are substantial. Illegals who break the law to enter the United States are likely to continue to break other laws to stay here and will migrate to places that won’t prosecute or deport them.

“Maryland has an estimated structural budget deficit of more than $1 billion, but the state would have a surplus were it not for the costs of supporting the illegal alien population.”

Nationally syndicated columnist Victor Davis Hanson recently asked two questions about the Obama administration’s views on illegal immigration:

“How in the El Paso speech can one pontificate about and deplore partisan politics and ‘ugly rhetoric’ on immigration when at the same time asking the audience to log on to a White House website to lobby for the president’s political agenda – a few months after asking ‘Latinos’ to ‘punish’ their Republican ‘enemies’? Is the latter ‘ugly rhetoric’? If not, why? Was it not more ugly rhetoric when his whipped-up audience interrupted his own cheerleading with ‘they’re racists!’?

“Obama also swore that 650 miles of border fencing of all sorts along a 1,900-mile-plus Mexico-U.S. border means that the border fence is ‘basically completed.’ How does less than one-third of a task constitute ‘basically completed’? What does ‘basically’ mean?”

Hansen also predicted, as part of the blueprint of Obama’s re-election campaign:

“There will be no reference to, or defense of, four years of record massive debt, sky-high gas prices, creeping inflation, 9 percent unemployment, or slow growth – only on the ‘mess’ that Obama inherited 48 months prior.”

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