Conservatives and liberals seemingly can’t understand each other at all. Their worldviews are too far apart.

Often people ask me, “Is Barack Obama that stupid?”

Or, “Surely Chris Matthews didn’t mean what he just said!”

To which I reply, no, they aren’t stupid – they simply have agendas (and let’s remember, liberals ask their friends the same questions, substituting names like Rush Limbaugh and George W. Bush).

The fun is digging down to find out really why someone believes the way he does. How are we influenced?

For conservatives, an amazing new book is out: “Obama Zombies – How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.”

The author, Jason Mattera, is the editor for Human Events. Originally from Brooklyn, Mattera isn’t shy about in-your-face questions directed at liberals. “Obama Zombies” is a mesmerizing investigation into the minds of those who have fallen victim to leftist worldview.

In fact, this book is a primer for those who wonder how the often idiotic ideology of the left begins. Mattera has painted a portrait of a sophisticated, networked con-job that has left an entire generation bereft of the good sense God originally gave it. It helps that Mattera is a clever, witty writer who knows how to use language effectively.

For example, right at the beginning, he sets up the book by using a quote from a young woman who pulled the lever heard ’round the world:

“I seriously think I had an emotional seizure of something. My whole body seized up. I couldn’t breathe. It’s like I really mattered … I picked the president!” She also mentioned that she was in love with America “right now,” which puts her on equal footing with the First Lady.

Well, keep thinking that, honey. And Jason Mattera explains to the rest of us just how a person with such potential could vote for such a fellow, or, as Mattera describes Obama, “Dear Leader.”

The reaction to Obama’s election among the student population in the U.S. reminds me of the time a thoroughly stoned Neil Young staggered at the mike and announced after a sound check, to the band’s Robbie Robertson, “They got it now, Robbie!”

In any event, the Obama machine successfully hoodwinked millions, and his zombies – I mean, constituents – marveled.

Mattera recounts scenes from college campuses around America, including the scene of students at the University of Michigan running and giving high-fives down the street (I presume the Maize and Blue needs something to cling to in the midst of a football recession).

Mattera describes in fascinating detail how the media changed even from the time Bill Clinton was in office. Apparently back then, reporters were still surprised when someone would describe a candidate in erotic tones. Not anymore; it’s commonplace for tingles to run down legs while covering Barack Obama.

Mattera actually lists the dozen or so reporters who moved from fawning “journalist” to … White House staffer! That’s right, they cashed in. How’s that for objective reporting? It’s this kind of nugget, which Mattera provides, that can open the eyes of the “average Joe” who would be better served consuming his news elsewhere.

In “Obama Zombies,” we learn just how effective Dear Leader’s team was in managing their message:

“The 2008 presidential campaign was the first presidential race to pack the full punch of online mass media, and Obama, to his credit, took full advantage of it,” Mattera writes. “B.H.O.’s team was way ahead of the curve when it came to harnessing the power of the Internet. It paid off. Obama’s digital domination of (let’s say it: hapless) John McCain was staggering and helped create the impression of an online army marching to victory.”

For example, the number of campaign-made videos of Obama posted to YouTube: 1,822. McCain’s? A whopping 330.

Hilariously, Mattera also describes MTV (Music Television) as “catnip” for Obama zombies, and it is truly scary that the young generations get their information via this leftist medium.

When ABC’s John Stossel queried MTV enthusiasts about things covered in a basic civics lesson, most failed miserably. Honestly, this part wasn’t funny, but depressing. It shows just how clearly a nation can fall in a short amount of time.

When enthusiastic voters for Obama can’t correctly identify just the number of U.S. senators (“Is it 50 per state?”), we are in real trouble. U.S. citizens like this leave the country in danger when important decisions have to be made.

And yet Mattera – who demonstrates that he has a thorough understanding of Barack Obama, saying that the president “takes massive dumps on the idea of American exceptionalism” – actually has a coherent six-point battle plan for reversing the mess.

I’ll let you read for yourself when you get the book (and don’t consider NOT reading this gem), but among his ideas:

  • Going back to basics by anchoring a core set of beliefs, something that poor candidates like McCain never seem to do.
  • Learn to frame the message. There’s nothing wrong with learning techniques from the Manchurian candidate, and here Mattera lays out an effective strategy for conservatives to disseminate core values. An example? Find your message, stick to it and, for heaven’s sake, use Twitter. Like it or not, this is the effective messaging system out there today among young people.

All in all, “Obama Zombies” is an incredibly informative book and written in a way John McCain could only have dreamed: funny, edgy and a real call to arms for a generation that has been hoodwinked.

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