Is South Park one of the most conservative television shows of all time?

The Comedy Central hit may take pride in its crude language and controversial adult content, but the author of the new book analyzing the politics of television has ranked South Park among the top 12 conservative shows in television history.

“[South Park] makes fun of conservatives for their social values, but it mocks liberals mercilessly for their social values, their foreign policy beliefs, their economic foolishness,” contends commentator Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro’s new book, “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV,” was released yesterday. It accuses Hollywood executives of liberal bias and of using television to “shape America in their own leftist image.”

Shapiro interviewed dozens of high profile Hollywood writers, producers, actors, and executives, with many candidly speaking about the industry’s liberal tendency.

In one interview, Marta Kauffman, the co-creator of “Friends,” recalls how she hired a “bunch of liberals” to run the programming to “put out there what we believe.”

Robert Davi, star of CBS’ “Profiler,” told Shapiro he noticed Hollywood trends of mocking Christians.

“I had different issues on different shows,” Davi said. “It wasn’t said definitively, but it was inferred that if you wanted to make a character a born-again Christian, make them a hypocrite, or a nymphomaniac.”

Leonard Goldberg, former executive at ABC, now board member at CBS, and producer of the hit series “Blue Bloods,” stated Hollywood is exclusively leftist.

“Hollywood is unquestionably a liberal community,” Goldberg told Shapiro.

“I don’t know about the content being pushed, but in terms of the thought about various matters social and political, [liberalism is] 100 percent dominant. And anyone who denies it is kidding or is not telling the truth.”

Shapiro, a Los Angeles-based lawyer and radio host, reveals a personal experience in which says he was asked to write a one-hour television script to secure agency representation as a Hollywood writer. He says he was turned down after the agency learned about his politics.

“One of our agents Googled you and found your website,” Shapiro quoted a top agent as writing in an email. The agent was referring to Shapiro’s personal website, which contains a number of his conservative columns.

“I’m not sure we can represent you, because he thinks your political views will
make it impossible for you to get a job in this town,” wrote the agent.

“Primetime Propaganda,” meanwhile, ranks what Shapiro deems the “top 12 conservative shows of all time.”

The list is topped by the Fox megahit “24.” Although Shapiro says he was disappointed by the direction the show took after its fourth season, he wrote that for the first few seasons, “the show was pure conservative adrenaline.”

“Bad guys had to be stopped, and if Jack Bauer had to torture terrorists to do it, he would, no questions asked.”

“The show,” added Shapiro, “embodied the ethic of the War on Terror – we were in a battle for survival, and we didn’t always have time for the Marquis of Queensberry rules.”

“The Cosby Show,” came in at No. 2 on the conservative list.

Writes Shapiro: “A show about a black middle-class family that doesn’t rip the American government, doesn’t fall into the self victimization of the ‘racist society,’ doesn’t portray whites as either idiots or bigots, and encourages black children to get an education, get
married, and have a family.”

Other top conservative picks include “Leave it to Beaver,” “Dragnet” and “The Waltons.”

“South Park” was ranked in 10th place.

Shapiro noted the show poked fun of Al Gore’s crusade against so-called global warming.

“South Park” also scored points for its double episode mocking the Islamic ban on depicting the Muslim figure Muhammad.

Those episodes resulted in death threats against South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, as WND reported.

Shapiro is the author of three previous national books, “Brainwashed,” “Porn Generation” and “Project President.” He is a syndicated columnist and hosts The Ben Shapiro Show on an Orlando, Florida radio station.

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