If you think housing prices in major cities are bad now – just wait until after the summer of 2011. The Memorial Day “celebrations” by disaffected “youths” have just started. They are sanctioned by the Democrats and will be exacerbated by the Obama administration through the Department of (in)Justice.

Just where did these disaffected “youths” come from? In a word – you.

These gang bangers (a more accurate characterization of the weekend riots) were raised by the federal Department of Health and Human Services, in conjunction with states’ welfare agencies staffed by delusional social workers (who now have gold-plated retirement benefits). The bangers were “educated” by your friendly local teachers’ union, who made sure the most competent teachers “moved on.” They were coddled by the courts (23 juvenile convictions purged from the record at adulthood is not uncommon) and released back out onto the street. Your street. Your city.

Meanwhile the law-abiding are prosecuted by corrupt, activist district attorneys and local lawmakers for using deadly force when confronted with beatings, knives and guns by these gangsters. “He should have known better than to stand for decency or morality in our city!”

What about the gangsters’ parents?

What parents? In most cases, their mother – paid by HHS and state welfare – housed a series of unemployed boyfriends who impregnated her and then “moved on.” (Remember “it takes a village to raise a child”? Your role is to pay.) Mom was too busy with the next boyfriend to be a parent to young Mikie, who has no idea who his father is, or if he does, can’t find him. Think he might look for the structure of a gang? (By the way, fatherless households work just as “well” for girls.)

Question: Do you think young Mikie is going to be employable anytime soon? Would you hire him to clean your house? Wax your car? Cut your grass? Maybe tutor your teenage daughter in math or English over the summer? Why not?

And on the question of employment, how many small businesses are going to be wiped out by the summer riots – their owners too old, tired or dead to try again? And how many large employers are going to decide not to rebuild when their facilities are burned down or blown up this summer? With the Internet, they don’t need the facility anyway. And people in India and China actually want to work!

When the patient is overcome with cancer, radical surgery is called for. Here’s my prescription.

  • Abolish HHS. Welfare is a state responsibility.

  • Privatize welfare. Tax exempt (501)c3 organizations have hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. Most are engaged in illegal lobbying efforts to further their communist agenda. Change the tax code and require them to make direct welfare payments in the states in which they are organized – 10 percent of their assets each year.
  • Privatize education. Abolish public schools. Require private charities to furnish vouchers for the poor to attend for-profit schools.
  • Abolish Homeland Security. Airlines are responsible for their own security, and border security has always been a military responsibility. California and Texas have adequate American military bases to do the job. If our military can’t preserve our borders, what good is it?
  • Abolish the federal Department of Education. No bigger failure exists in the government. See item three.

For the patient to survive, these and many other things need to be cut out of the federal government. Not reduced by 10 or 20 percent. Not “better managed.” Killed. Disbanded. Their workers driven out into the private sector where they can make a contribution to the tax coffers.

When we finish with these, there’s plenty more agencies that need budgetary execution. These departments were created by the Democrats to destroy state and local control and impose their communist economic agenda on an unwilling nation.

If you think all this will happen, don’t worry about selling your property and leaving the city. You have no worries.

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