It used to be said that America had the best politicians money can buy. Now we have the most perverted money can buy.

Twisted, deviant behavior appears to be coming from both sides of the aisle. Martial affairs, lewd pictures on Facebook and private body parts being tweeted across the country by name-brand politicians.

One would think by now those in the public limelight would be aware that sooner or later their distasteful actions will one day be on display for all to see. That, however, doesn’t seem to deter the behavior once reserved for disgusting old men at a 10 cent peep show in the seedy part of town.

I don’t know about you, but I have never had the need nor the desire to take pictures of my, shall we say, family jewels or any other private part of my body. But if I had I can assure you that I would clearly remember doing it and would take all the necessary steps to secure those pictures under lock and key.

Politicians like Anthony Weiner see things very differently than you and me.

He claims someone hacked his Twitter account and sent compromising picture of Weiner’s private parts to a young coed in the Northwest. Fair enough. But the pictures had to come from somewhere, didn’t they? It had to be a source from which his participation was required.

Therefore, when asked if it was his “package” in the Tweet, wouldn’t the answer be a simple yes or no?

Not if you are a politician! They always have to parse or spin each word of an answer very carefully so as to never be pinned down to an absolute position that they can’t change at a future time. Leaving wiggle room for another position on any issue is an art form to politicians.

The greatest irony in this whole Weiner affair is that a simple “yes” answer would have made this a one-day story. If he did it, so what? He could have simply said he had bigger issues to deal with, like budget deficits, Medicare and three wars.

America, suffering from collective ADD, would have sighed and chalked this up to another example of bad behavior from the children we have running the country. It would have been quickly forgotten, and life would go on.

Of course, it would have been easy enough to make it that simple. Behavior like this is almost expected from the liberal left, isn’t it? Just ask Barney Frank or Jim McGreevy. Both know liberal Democrats aren’t expected to have morals.

Frank paid a male prostitute $80 for sex and then moved the hooker into his town home where he proceeded to run his prostitution business. That wasn’t a problem for Democrat leadership at the time. He broke the law, participated in lewd behavior and his stock in the DNC actually went up in value.

Some hard-left Democrats like Barney Frank wear their freaky behavior as a badge of courage – a chance to come out of the closet and show their “progressive” and contemporary sides. They are not the dinosaurs of the past laden with sexual repression. They are trendy and in the swing of things. They are hip!

Why should Weiner hide from this revelation? The scandal could be the best thing that ever happened to his political career. It was for Frank. Weiner could take a page from the Barney playbook and actually attack his critics as being a bunch of sexual phobic bigots. He could take the offensive against the stodgy, right-wing, religious puritans he is always attacking.

Let’s face the facts: People are flawed. All people are broken to some extent. But when Democratic weaknesses are exposed in the press, they are immediately excused or completely swept under the rug of political correctness, claiming that the person’s privacy has been violated.

When a Republican does something remotely out of the social norm, the person is immediately excoriated in the press, and the calls for resignation come before any hard evidence is offered. The screams from the DNC of “off with their head” overwhelm the news cycle until RNC leadership demands a resignation or one is offered voluntarily. Calling upon the other side to show the courage to punish such behavior seems completely apropos.

People will make mistakes. Some will expose some freaky fetish or even worse. However, these mistakes can be corrected every two years for Congress, six years for the Senate and, thank God, every four years for the president.

Oh yes, I said the president. What outlandish behavior of his has been exposed?

He was deluded enough to actually believe he had the ability to be a leader and statesman. In reality, he is merely a community organizer wholly owned by the various unions who ensured him the vote of members too uneducated to think for themselves.

That behavior is more twisted than Weiner’s behavior, in my opinion.

Weiner can merely destroy himself and his reputation. Mr Obama has the ability in his position to ruin an entire country and all of our reputations – especially those who voted for him in 2008.

Oh and yes, he is fully paid for by the unions, George Soros and others foolish enough to believe in the hope and change Mr. O was peddling.

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