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Obama beatable – and this book shows how

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama not only can be beaten by a Republican in 2012, he will be if the GOP nominee plays it by the numbers, says a new book by two veteran political analysts and best-selling authors.

“How Obama Can Be Defeated in 2012 – A Battle Plan Based on Statistical Political Realities” puts you square in the campaign director’s chair and gives you the kind of in-depth polling and analysis that is rarely seen outside of campaign war rooms. The book also shows that, contrary to popular belief and to the dismay of many in the liberal media, President Barack Obama may very well be the underdog in 2012.

The centerpiece of the analytical masterpiece by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., and Brad O’Leary is a massive, 50-question poll commissioned exclusively for their book. Conducted by IBOPE Zogby International, the poll surveyed 10,000 likely voters, which is a massive sample size that only the most well-funded political campaigns would ever commission.

The result is a far-reaching exposé of the American political landscape – segmented into key states, regions and demographic groups – that takes you far beyond the typical surface-scratching exercise common in the daily press.

O’Leary and Corsi zero in on the new political battleground in America: Green states. These are critical battleground states that voted for President Obama in 2008, but are now tracking with GOP Red states on a host of important issues.

How Obama Can Be Defeated shows you:

“We wanted to give American voters access to the kind of polling information and analysis that is usually only available to top campaign strategists,” said O’Leary. “It’s no surprise that Obama’s supporters in the press are up in arms over this book, but as they say, the numbers don’t lie.”

The new book has also spawned a Web site at www.BarackObamaTest.com. Visitors to the site can answer a sampling of the poll questions in the book, and then see where they agree with the rest of America as well as the president himself.