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East Coast whorehouses and Weiner outrage

America’s press corps loves a good sex scandal. Perhaps the reason is, it helps to obscure the real news.

So it is with the current Weiner roast. Sexually, Weiner was simply pursuing normal, Democratic Party outreach: using his elected office to pursue his sexual goals and adding taxpayer resources from his office to cover up his behavior when confronted with it.

The real scandal is Weiner’s practicing Muslim wife, Huma Abedin. Ms. Abedin became Mrs. Weiner in 2010, at a wedding “presided over by President Bill Clinton.” Mr. Clinton, of course, “presides” at any typical New Yorker’s wedding, upon request.

You don’t think so? Neither do I.

Mrs. Weiner is in fact Hillary Clinton’s top State Department aide. She has been Mrs. Clinton’s top aide in a variety of positions since coming to the White House as an intern in 1996. Persistent reports indicate that some of those positions have been very personal, indeed.

Leaving aside the politically arranged aspects of Mr. Weiner’s marriage, one wonders what a Jewish boy from New York, schooled by Sen. Charlie Schumer, might have in common with a practicing Muslim wife? Especially one who spends most of her time on the road with the U.S. secretary of state. One who visits her mother in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis, you may remember, provided most of the passports to the jihadists who flew jetliners into the World Trade Center.

Congress and the executive are two “separate but equal” branches of government (the Supreme Court being the third). At least, that’s how they were designed and created by the men who founded America.

But what did they know, anyway? Now, the primary “separation” in America is between citizens and self-anointed political elites. Back on the East Coast among the self-imagined elites, they’re all just one big whorehouse of political and financial incest, commonly known as “screw the taxpayers blind” and use the money to re-elect yourself.

Somehow, the idea that in a nation exceeding 300 million people, the federal government must employ congressional spouses in order to find qualified employees for high-level positions seems absurd.

Within the political and journalistic whorehouses of the East Coast elites, women rarely take on their husband’s name after marriage. This is less about “feminism” than it is about good old-fashioned greed, seasoned to taste with the lust for power.

A woman wearing the same last name as her elected or appointed spouse makes it way too easy for citizens to spot the patronage and incest going on between big government, fat-cat lobbyists and the elitist-controlled media.