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Weiner affair is just not kosher!

Anthony Weiner is not just a confused and degenerate “hot dog.” The political affair surrounding his low-class and deranged sexploits is not kosher. In other words, unlike the tongue and cheek (no pun intended) advertising of Hebrew National’s all-beef kosher franks, neither Weiner nor the mainstream media and political circuses surrounding him answer to a “Higher Authority.”

The Higher Authority, God, could “frankly” probably care less about Weiner’s plight. His sad story is just a small wave hitting a sinking ship of state; one that, ala the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair of 1990s, titillated the nation for more than a year, while Osama bin Laden planned Sept. 11, 2001.

That’s not to say that Weiner’s conduct – so typical of our ruling elite – who believe that they are immune from scrutiny by “We the People,” should be overlooked. But the mainstream media and political fixation on this unkosher government-establishment disgrace to humanity is sick, and it underscores the rotting cancer that has metastasized in our body politic.

In short, Weiner’s follies have lately take on greater importance in the public domain than our sinking economy, the impending tragedy in the oil-rich Middle East and our ever-degenerating values as a civilized society. As the nation is on the verge of collapse, the Weiner affair diverts our attention from far more important matters. And, that is said by someone, yours truly, who played a role in impeaching Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair. In retrospect, Republicans should have quickly removed him from office and focused on more important matters. Instead, like a cat with an overstuffed mouse, they tortured him with it, thereby setting the stage for the election of George W. Bush as president in 2000. But the nation was not otherwise served by it all.

In addition to the budget crisis, the important matters turn mainly today to the Middle East, whose fate is so tied to our own. And there, both Democrats and Republicans have no real strategy on how to deal with the likely explosion that is ready to occur, sending oil prices through the roof and bringing the world to its knees ironically faster than Monica Lewinsky’s Oval Office gymnastics.

In this regard, the entire region is on the verge of a takeover by radical Islamists. As reported yesterday by the New York Times and others, Egypt’s recent so-called revolution has degenerated into a predictable economic and societal collapse, as capitalist entrepreneurs and secular leaders flee the country, and the vacuum is being filled by none other than the Muslim Brotherhood – the grand daddy of radical Muslim terrorist groups. Because other factions in Egyptian society are fragmented and unorganized, the Muslim Brotherhood, as predicted, is poised to win the national elections in the next months, further driving a stake into the side not just of Israel (Egypt’s neighbor), but American and Western security interests. And, while President Obama and his socialist pro-Muslim Democrat minions helped create this debacle, by throwing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus, the Republican Party just sits there and watches this disaster in the making occur.

Then there is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which marches on and reportedly will have a nuclear weapon ready to go by 2012. Rather than trying to effect “regime change” – as it did in Egypt and now Libya – our ruling government elite continues to appease the neo-Nazi like mullahs in Tehran who have pledged to not only wipe Israel off the face of the earth, but kill all Christians and Jews in their increasingly successful push toward worldwide Islamic rule.

Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, Syria and soon to be even Saudi Arabia are all up for grabs by radical Islamists, and our establishment hacks spend their time exploiting for media ratings and political purposes sex scandals. It was not Weiner’s “would be” Internet mistresses who were and are being harmed as much as it is the American people and the civilized world who are being shafted in the process.

For if the Middle East is taken over by these evil forces, and Israel – having then been surrounded in a heightened sea of Islamic hatred and terrorism – goes under, we will likely lose not only our only true ally and democratic buffer in and to the region, but the cradle of our own Judeo-Christian heritage. And, from an economic standpoint, we will lose control and access to crucial energy resources. The world’s economies will collapse and so will its social and political infrastructures. In short, it will all be over.

In last week’s column, “God, civil disobedience and revolution,” I reminded readers of the need for “We the People” to now take matters into our own hands before it is too late. In response, many of you sent me emails with your ideas on how we can use “civil disobedience” to force our so-called leaders to wake up and serve us. I will be publishing your suggestions in the weeks ahead, and I am looking forward to receiving more of your comments.

We must together urgently come up with a “battle plan.” Now is the time of truth and action. We cannot be diverted with sex-crazed unkosher hot dogs like Weiner, much more the mainstream establishment media and political hacks that seek to use his foibles to serve their own worthless and selfish ends.

In the words of our Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, “We must hang together (now), or we will be pretty sure to hang separately.”