Pat Robertson

A counter-terrorism specialist is defending TV evangelist Pat Robertson against a charge of bigotry toward Muslims by Anti-Defamation League boss Abraham Foxman.

Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent University, was criticized by Foxman for expressing concern on CBN’s “The 700 Club” show about the growing construction of mosques in Europe. Foxman called Robertson’s statements “troubling,” based on “hateful stereotypes of Islam.”

In an open letter, Jeffrey M. Epstein, president of America’s Truth Forum, pushed back at Foxman for defending “a seditious enemy that’s not only sworn to the death and destruction of the Jewish People but one that is determined to undermine the very fabric of western society – and you have the chutzpah to do so with Jewish funding.”

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Epstein, recalling his upbringing in a community of Jewish holocaust survivors, told Foxman that the Jewish leader’s “pro-Islamic initiatives have paved the way for synagogues to promote interfaith dialogue with terrorist-friendly, Muslim Brotherhood front organizations.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is the worldwide Islamic movement launched in Egypt in the 1920s to restore the Islamic caliphate, or empire, after the fall of the Ottoman Turkish empire. It has spawned most of the major terrorist organizations in the world, including al-Qaida and Hamas.

On the May 31 edition of “The 700 Club,” Robertson asked why it would be considered bigotry if one speaks out “against an institution that is intent on dominating us and imposing Shariah law and making us all part of a universal caliphate? That is the goal of some of these people.”

“Why is that bigoted?” Robertson asked. “Why is it bigoted to resist Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and to say that we don’t want to live under Nazi Germany?”

Foxman replied that “the notion that Islam is something that needs to be opposed in the same manner as people resisted Adolf Hitler and the Nazis is outrageous and offensive.”

He insisted “it is bigoted to suggest that the Islamic faith has nefarious and sinister plans to take over majority Christian nations when this is false at its core.”

Epstein charged that Foxman is empowering “the enemy camp by allowing it to control the discourse.”

“By insulating American Jews from the truth regarding the rising green tide at their doorsteps, the potential for future resistance is being undermined,” Epstein said.

Epstein asserted to Foxman that Robertson “honestly portrayed the threat for what it is.”

Calling Islam a “genocidal political movement,” Epstein encouraged Foxman to “study the Quran, for Islam is a genocidal political movement that calls for world domination through Jihad and Dawah (proselytizing).”

“To condemn Dr. Robertson’s comparison of Islam with Nazism, as being outrageous and offensive, blatantly ignores the historical ties between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,” Epstein said. “It was the Mufti who germinated Hitler’s final solution and provided two SS divisions from the Balkans.”

The story of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the leader of Arab Palestine during the British Mandate period, is told in the book “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism,” by Chuck Morse. Al-Husseini met with Adolf Eichmann in Palestine in 1937 and later went on the Nazi payroll as an agent.

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