Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch

Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., can never be mayor of New York, the city’s former mayor, Ed Koch, declared in a radio interview today.

Weiner, stung by a social media sexting scandal, has never been shy about his ambitions to one day become New York City’s mayor. He was considered a shoe-in as a candidate for the 2013 elections.

However, Koch says the controversy surrounding Weiner’s explicit social media messaging puts the kibosh on the politician’s mayoral aspirations.

“I don’t think he can ever be mayor of the City of New York,” stated Koch. “I think he could ultimately run again for political office after he has engaged in some contrition, in some penitence, after he has demonstrated to the public at large that he has learned an enormous lesson. But I don’t think it will ever permit him to run for mayor.”

Koch was speaking in an interview with “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.

Audio of the interview can be heard below:

Koch joined a growing chorus of Democrats calling for Weiner to step down.

The former mayor told Klein his position changed after Weiner failed during a press conference last week to disclose the existence X-rated photos of the Congressman’s private parts.

“After I watched his press conference – and I thought it was an abject apology and one genuinely felt by him – I thought he should allow the voters in his district to make that decision,” Koch told Klein.

“However, the very next day there was an explicit picture – which he didn’t mention – of his penis on the website, and that I think is too much,” Koch continued, “and so I have said that I believe – and it’s his decision, I’m not forcing him in any way, but my own view is that his own goodwill towards his wife, who is now pregnant, and to eliminate the terrible things that will occur and the charges that will be made against him during the course of an election – [it] is in his family’s interest that he stepped down.”

Koch said he suspects more explicit photos will emerge in the coming days.

“Now he is the subject of derision and ridicule,” he said. “He is a broken person. His wife must be suffering terribly.”

“My advice is get out,” said Koch.

Weiner has requested temporary leave from the House while he seeks professional treatment.

Risa Heller , a spokeswoman for the New York Democrat, told reporters Weiner has left for professional treatment and will focus on “becoming a better husband.”

The move immediately followed calls from leading Democrats that Weiner should resign.

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