“Shocker! Conservative organizations buy ad time on conservative talk radio!”

HotAir.com had fun at Politico.com’s expense this week, when the latter, left-leaning site breathlessly reported that “shocking” “news.”

Ed Morrissey at HotAir was forced to explain, in simple language, the basics of mass media law, history and economics to the supposedly educated, progressive reporters at Politico:

In fact, FCC regulations require that organizations have to establish a public sponsorship of a radio program through the station or syndicator for hosts to engage in that kind of support, rather than a private arrangement directly with the host. The latter is called payola and can result in prosecution, large fines and loss of broadcast licenses. It’s practically the first lesson any radio station teaches a host.

Next week from Politico: Boiling water can often be unsafe for bathing.

Rush Limbaugh

When you think of Rush Limbaugh, the first word that comes to mind probably isn’t “tea.” However, Limbaugh’s personal tastes – such as his affection for cats and scented candles – have been known to baffle fans and critics alike.

This week, Limbaugh told listeners about a new venture that might prove just as surprising: “You people who have been with me for a long time know that tea is a big deal to me. I finally decided to just do my own. This stuff is just delicious. A portion of every bottle sold goes to our wonderful friends at the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.”

In the 1990s, Limbaugh turned millions of Americans on to a new beverage called Snapple, helping make it a household name. Only time will tell if his favorite ice tea achieves the same success.

Rush also had high praise for Sarah Palin, who he says has emerged unscathed, and even stronger, after the media’s attempt to smear her with her own emails backfired spectacularly (FREE webcam).

Michael Savage

Columnist Gina Miller of the Dakota Voice was shocked to hear so many young callers to Michael Savage’s radio show defend Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “sex texts” to strange women:

“The callers were rather nonchalant about the apparent fact that younger generations may think little or nothing about sending explicit photographs or videos of themselves to others on the Internet,” Miller wrote. “Welcome to the 21st Century Dating Game!”

Following an “arduous 15 minute Google search,” Ben Smith of Politico.com wrote a column about the hostility conservative talk show hosts supposedly bear towards Mitt Romney.

He quoted Michael Savage as saying, “Romney again is worthless … no leadership whatsoever. … He’s not been there for us for years. … He has no right to run for the presidency” (FREE audio).

“Ken in New York” called Savage to talk about how impressed he was by the CNN Republican candidate debate. Savage proceeded to grill the caller mercilessly about his reasons (and his annoying speech patterns). When the caller claimed he was “smart” because he’d “lived in New York his whole life,” (but hadn’t gone to college) he gave Savage the perfect opportunity to finish him off (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity was joined by Newt Gingrich to explain why so many members of his presidential campaign staff resigned this week.

Gingrich told Hannity (FREE audio), “The fact is we had a fundamental disagreement with some of our outside consultants. Those of us who’ve been working on this campaign for years felt we needed to have a citizen-centered campaign and not a consultant-centered campaign. It was that straight forward.”

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., another presidential candidate, told Hannity in a chat later in the week, “The country is in a very difficult situation, and we need someone who has not only the knowledge, but also the political will to get the job done.”

Mark Levin

Since he’d been singled out in Politico’s economically illiterate “exposé” of conservative talk shows and think tanks, Mark Levin responded to the “sleaziness” of the article’s author, Kenneth Vogel: “In fact, conservative hosts make their views known every single day they are broadcasting. Conservative groups that advertise on conservative talk shows are openly promoting their causes, activities and services to millions of listeners. Nobody is confused about who is saying what, when or how. That cannot be said of Politico and similar operations.”

Levin, a constitutional expert, explained that Obama is the first president to refuse to comply with the War Powers Act, by trying to bypass Congress while committing American armed forces abroad (FREE audio).

The day before Anthony Weiner finally resigned, Levin seemed to sense his departure the night before and celebrated with a “musical tribute” (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

“After last night, I’d fire my consultants if I were you.”

Appearing on the Laura Ingraham show the morning after the debate, that was Governor Mike Huckabee’s advice to presidental candidate Tim Pawlenty:

As the Anthony Weiner scandal continued to worsen, Ingraham said it is a reflection of the decline of the culture at large – a decline cheered on by Democrats (FREE audio): “The way women dress, to the way men speak to women, to the way they adorn their bodies with bizarre gang-like tattoos and weird piercings in places I didn’t know you could even drill, let alone put a piercing needle through. Yeah! So this is the culture of Anthony Weiner, and last time I checked, Democrats really didn’t have a problem with that.”

Glenn Beck

One of Glenn Beck’s longtime targets, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, was denied entry into Canada, so Beck and his crew celebrated by “singing” the Canadian national anthem – with their own made up lyrics (FREE webcam).

Beck feigned surprise when it turned out that he and Obama “agreed about something” – specifically, the president’s musing that sometimes, “one term is enough” (FREE webcam).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Ed Schultz has achieved a phenomenal degree of professional success, when you consider the undeniable fact that he isn’t really that bright.

Case in point: This week, Schultz accused conservative talk radio hosts of “obscene” “open racism.” His evidence? A recent statement by Neal Boortz, who declared that America had “too damn many urban thugs ruining the quality of life for everybody.” Boortz added that “we need more dead thugs” and suggested listeners who agree with him should buy guns.

However, Boortz never mentions the race of the “thugs” he talking about.

Yet it was Ed Schultz who heard the word “thug” and immediately thought “African American.” Doesn’t that make Schultz the real racist in this story?

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