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Another senator dishes out Obama background story

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet

Members of Congress continue to misinform constituents who write with concerns about Barack Obama’s eligibility for office, making claims that various agencies of government have examined and validated his birth certificate.

The latest such claims come from the office of Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., who said in an email to a constituent that Obama’s status as a “‘natural born’ citizen of America” had been “verified” by not only federal agencies but also “primary source documentation.”

The claims by Bennet were highlighted by columnist Lawrence Sellin, a Ph.D. and retired U.S. Army colonel, at Canada Free Press.

“Make no mistake about it. Congress has chosen cowardice and political expediency over honesty and the rule of law,” Sellin said. “Congress knows that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible for the presidency according to the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution.”

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He said Congress also is aware of evidence of criminal activity to warrant an investigation but will do nothing but continue to cover up.

“Need an example of their subterfuge?” Sellin asked. “All you need to do is write a letter to any member of Congress questioning Obama’s eligibility or asking why his alleged felonies have not been investigated.”

He then cited Bennet.

“This week’s willful ignorance award goes to the ever-arrogant Senator Michael (D-CO) from an email dated June 13, 2011:

“As a senator representing Colorado, I want to speak very clearly on this issue. President Barack Obama is a ‘natural born’ citizen of America, and he is eligible to be our nation’s Commander in Chief.

“The legality of his birth certificate has been verified by numerous federal agencies, third party investigative groups, national media outlets, and primary source documentation. The United States Department of State and the Hawaii Department of Health have both verified the legality of the ‘Certification of Birth’ document provided by President Obama. In addition, highly regarded ‘fact check’ websites such as factcheck.org, snopes.com, and politifact.com support the findings of the federal agencies through their own independent investigations.”

The statement apparently reflects responses that have been coordinated for members of Congress.

WND reported earlier how Jerry W. Mansfield, an information research specialist in the Knowledge Services Group of the Congressional Research Service, issued a memo to prepare members of Congress to rebut and defuse questions constituents were asking regarding Obama’s presidential eligibility under the “natural born citizen” requirement of the Constitution.

WND has posted the CRS memo on Scribd.com for download.

Attached to the memo was an attack piece published by FactCheck.org to dismiss claims that Obama’s short-form Certification of Live Birth, originally published during the 2008 presidential campaign by DailyKos.com, was a forgery.

But Sellin wrote that there’s more to the story than adopting the positions of left-leaning websites and unspecified “national media outlets.”

“It is a shame that Bennet knows so little about the Constitution or the difference between ‘citizen’ and ‘natural born citizen,'” he said.

“There has never been any vetting or investigations of Obama’s eligibility by federal agencies. None of the third parties mentioned by Bennet are objective and non-partisan. It’s a sham,” he said.

In fact, when Obama released an image of a Hawaiian “Certificate of Live Birth” on April 27, after years of stating that the document was not available, the Hawaii’s Department of Health and governor’s office refused to confirm for WND that what was released was an accurate representation of the state’s records.

Bennet’s office declined to respond to a WND request for comment.

Sellin wrote, “In fact, there is far more evidence from independent third parties demonstrating that Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth, which he presented as his own during the April 27, 2011, press conference, is a forgery.”

He said “Honorable Mention” in the “willful ignorance” competition in Congress goes to Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., and Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla.

Franks cited, among other things, “corroborating birth announcements in the Hawaiian newspapers at the time of his birth.”

“Newspaper clippings as evidence to be president? Seriously?” Sellin wondered.

And Cole’s response, “quite literally, a ‘no-brainer.'”

“Either Cole doesn’t have a brain or he thinks his constituents don’t,” Sellin wrote. He said Cole’s explanation was that the Supreme Court in 2008 declined to hear a case questioning Obama’s eligibility.

“Cole doesn’t seem to grasp the difference between a case being heard and dismissed, and a case not being heard and dismissed. There has yet to be an adjudication on the law and the facts concerning Obama’s credentials.”

WND previously has reported statements from members of Congress that are based on arguments presented in the material provided by CRS.

Among the statements from members of Congress that have appeared: