Recent polling reportedly affirms the conclusion that the current twin-party sham leaves a significant portion of the electorate feeling that they are not represented by either of its self-worshipping factions. For Republicans, the bogeyman is supposed to be Barack Obama. But the electorate’s disaffection with the transparently deceitful and manipulative political process is (if you’ll pardon the obvious pun on their logo) the elephant in the scheming back rooms of the GOP’s mammon-obsessed elitist leadership. I think this is the reason why there’s an ominously pathetic “flavor-of-the-week” quality to the opening gambit of the GOP’s 2012 election cycle.

That pathetic spectacle tipped toward comedy in the past two weeks as the house organs of Republican hackdom pushed the irrational proposition that the presidential candidacy of Obama ambassador, praise-leader and promoter of bipartisan civility, John Huntsman, rouses cheery enthusiasm among GOP primary voters. Huntsman is perhaps the only pol I can think of who is more obviously “Obama-(not so) lite” than Mitt Romney. He epitomizes the GOP’s deep surrender of the moral-political principles on which republican liberty depends. In one breath he calls Obama’s tenure “unacceptable and totally un-American” and then goes on to assert that the question for voters to answer is “not who’s the better American.” Apparently, Obama’s un-American results have nothing to do with Obama (which explains why Huntsman and GOP leaders like him refuse to tell Americans that Obama’s damaging tenure has something to do with his lifelong commitment to totalitarian socialist ideas, associates, issue positions and policies).

Most people who speak with forked tongues at least have the decency to separate the tines. Huntsman, however, accurately represents the self-canceling rhetoric the GOP’s controlling elitist element routinely uses to deceive the party’s pro-American grass-roots constituency. Using Obama as a foil, they spout rhetoric that implies American conviction, but in practice they are at best indifferent, and at worst openly hostile, to reasserting America’s founding principles through laws, decisions and policies that actually respect and implement them. They refuse to defend America on the favorable ground of principle. Instead they insist on fighting things out on grounds dictated by the totalitarian socialists in the Democratic Party. This feeds the suspicion that they have abandoned America’s principles and now tacitly share the view proclaimed on the Newsweek magazine cover that proclaimed: “We are all socialists now.”

Huntsman is the latest in the cavalcade of a variety of presidential wannabes, each one accorded a little boomlet of attention intended to draw favorable interest from the segment of the electorate attracted to the particular political flavoring he or she represents. I guess the strategy is to lure people into playing (or continuing to play) in the GOP casino, in the arrogant belief that they will have no way to escape the rigged game as it produces the kind of result that continues the demise of America’s way of life.

But contrary to their arrogance, the American people do have a choice. They can turn away from the system of sham political competition that serves elite ambition while assuring the moral and material destruction of the nation. They have the choice to seek out and support a candidate from outside the corrupt twin-party system. The motto says, In God we Trust. Faith in God means doing what’s right and trusting in the Lord for the outcome. It doesn’t mean trusting to whited-sepulcher lip service and transparently deceptive evil,while deluding oneself with the forlorn hope that God will make Himself a liar in order to back up our spiritual foolishness.

It saddens me that even solid pro-life moral conservatives are tempted to treat the issue of respect for innocent life as if it can be isolated from the larger issue, the one that’s at the heart of America’s crisis. This larger issue is reflected in the fact that none of the candidates offered by the present corrupt way of doing politics is acting on God’s priorities. None of them truthfully represents the primacy of the moral/spiritual issues. They all put mammon in first place. Their fatal flaw, therefore, goes beyond how they deal with this or that moral issue. It concerns their unwillingness to act, as America’s prevalent founders did (i.e., the ones who actually prevailed in the deliberations about independence and the Constitution). By declaration and example, these founders made respect for God’s endowment of right and justice the first principle of political action, the never-to-be-forgotten context for all the laws, policies, decisions and actions of the American people. This doesn’t mean that they never accepted compromise. It means they never accepted a compromised understanding of politics that involved abandoning the truth in principle.

At present America violates the innocent life of nascent humanity because as a nation we have abandoned the priority that must be the basis for all human life: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” By turning away from this priority we abandon truth in principle. This abandonment isn’t just about what individual politicians do or say. It’s about the understanding of politics on which all of them agree to operate when they accept the priorities and terms of action imposed by the twin-party sham. We cannot hope to restore the integrity of the American republic if we refuse to replace this corruption with a way of doing politics that respects its founding first principle. The American founders began by acknowledging God’s will as the source and rule for what is right. They did not found the republic exclusively on human calculation, power, wealth and self-worshiping pride. 
Instead of party politics based on coalitions of purely selfish interest, we must return to the concept of politics that sees citizen action as a covenant of people of goodwill, that is, people drawn together (convened) by their determination to serve the common good defined by God’s endowment for humanity and all creation.

If we do what in good conscience we are convinced God made us to do, we need never despair of success. Rather, we are called to persevere, however bleak the worldly wise perceive our hopes to be. “For God knows the way of the righteous.” So those who walk in His way may do so calmly trusting in Him for miracles.

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