As much as Sen. John McCain flips and flops on the issue of border security and illegal aliens, he flopped on the right side of the issue of illegal aliens and the three massive Arizona fires.

Speaking to media, McCain said, “There is substantial evidence that some of these fires have been caused by people who have crossed our border illegally.”

Talk about a different kind of firestorm! Immigration activists jumped all over McCain, accusing him of intolerance and of fanning anti-immigrant, anti-Latino attitudes.

But McCain got support from fellow Arizona Republicans, Sen. Jon Kyl and Reps. Paul Gosar and Jeff Flake, who said a Forest Service Official told them that some of the fires were started by illegals.

Then, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever stepped in, saying, “I wouldn’t take issue with the senator at all. In fact, I would support absolutely what he is suggesting.”

Dever told the media that the Monument Fire, which has destroyed 57+ homes, is in an area of “high-intensity, drug and human trafficking.”

He said the area was closed to visitors so the only people there were there illegally. “It wasn’t the rabbits or the rattlesnakes that started this fire, it was human beings.”

And, of course, politically correct media are at it again. What else is new?

They’re covering the devastating fires scorching forest and rangeland in Arizona but steer clear of one important question: Who started the blazes?

The federal government, aside from assistance provided to the state to fight the flames, keeps mum on the most important question: Who started the blazes?

News reports say that they were “human caused,” but that’s a cop-out. Which humans and why?

There are some reports that “persons of suspicion” were being investigated, and perhaps even released to Mexico, but nothing further. Why no details?

With millions of words spoken and printed, the words officials avoid with manic determination are illegal aliens, illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

As I write, the flames have devoured some 2,200 square miles of land, more than 1.4 million acres. Homes, businesses, outbuildings and fences have been destroyed. Fortunately, no lives have been lost and only minor injuries reported.

As for animals – endangered species and others – who knows? Farm animals and wild creatures have been killed and burned out of their habitat.

As for the destruction of forests, at this point it’s incalculable. But foresters know it will take decades for the land and vegetation to restore, and much will never be the same.

Media write long, “caring” essays on the terrible price paid by wildlife from the fires and the threats to endangered species.

Funny though, they don’t write a word about another endangered species, the American rancher who provides much of our food.

The fires were fed by tinder-dry fuel, constant high winds and low humidity. The terrain was steep and inaccessible, making fire-fighting efforts even more difficult and, in some areas, impossible.

But worst of all, Arizona is reaping the poison of environmental pressure over the years to prevent clearing out brush and dead and dying trees from the forests. Had this been allowed, such fires would not have had the accumulation of fuel to feed the flames.

But the “greens” had their way. They want forests to be as “natural” as they were centuries ago. Unfortunately, fire is part of “nature,” and frequent, smaller fires destroy the brush and dead wood so that the big fires don’t occur – whether lightening caused or man-made.

Which gets us back to the original question: Who started these fires?

It sounds benign to say they were “started by campfires,” as though family campers “just didn’t douse the flames.”

But those forests were closed to hikers, campers and all ahem legal people. If they were human caused, it was by people there, and in this country, illegally.

If you want to see graphic images of the illegals tramping through and then see the fire, go to Secure Border Intelligence and Border Invasion Pics.

Look at some of the aerial photos of the burned out areas from the Tucson Citizen. You can see the trails worn by illegals tramping through and those used by the drug cartels as they move through the wilderness and into the heart of this country.

Talk to ranchers who’ve lost grazing land, outbuildings, animals and homes but fortunately not lost their lives or family members.

Talk to local police, merchants and homeowners who live with the daily intrusion of illegal aliens. These fires aren’t the first – just the worst.

Yet Washington, state and local officials, and virtually all media ignore the question: Who started the fires?

It’s political correctness. It’s about catering to the Mexican government – even though one fire spread into Mexico, burning more than 2,700 acres.

And quite frankly, it’s all about votes. The Obama administration does all it can to avoid calling attention to any “negatives” about the illegal alien invasion of our country.

A rancher, Robert Krentz, is murdered.


American citizens are attacked and killed.


Border Patrol agents are killed and wounded.


American citizens are virtual prisoners in their homes, threatened and intimidated, carjacked, robbed, burgled.


Millions of dollars in property damage – from property stolen, willfully vandalized, vehicles and equipment stolen and damages, water lines and fences cut, ranch dogs killed and cattle and other farm animals have their throats cut.


Have you ever heard Barack Obama talk about any of these problems? He goes to El Paso, Texas, and jokes about putting alligators and moats on the border. What about the real problems?


Have you ever heard Janet Napolitano talk about any of these problems? She goes to El Paso and brags that the border is safer than ever. What about the real problems?


I’m tired of the silence.

How about you?

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