Washington’s Weekly Standard magazine’s photograph of 85-year-old Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner and his gorgeous 25-year-old fiancée, Crystal Harris, was taken before she broke her engagement to marry this man – who is 60 years her senior.

The Standard noted that Hefner “is old enough to be her great-grandfather” and “his taste in female companionship runs to women fresh out of adolescence.”

“The notion that there’s-no-fool-like-an-old-fool, and that Hef’s well-advertised pursuit of hedonist pleasure has long since graduated to pathetic status, was painfully evident here. … No one can imagine that Harris was attracted to her doddering, octogenarian husband-to-be by his sexual prowess or irresistible charm; any way you looked at it, the Hefner-Harris collaboration was neither enviable nor touching, but merely cringe-inducing.”

Elsewhere in this nation’s record of senior-citizen sex scandals, there is the case of 68-year-old New Jersey physics professor David Flory.

Dr. Flory is a specialist in elementary particle theory, with a decade in the administration of Farleigh-Dickinson University.

Dr. Flory and his wife, Sharon, a psychotherapist who specializes in eating disorders, have a vacation home in Albuquerque, N.M.

While they were at this second home of theirs, professor Flory was arrested and charged with 40 counts of promoting prostitution.

Albuquerque police Lt. William Roseman told AP that professor Flory’s password-protected website, “Southwest Companions,” had been the subject of a vice investigation for six months, after police had received tips from both prostitutes and their customers – estimated to comprise 200 whores and 1,200 of their customers.

Lt. Roseman also told the AP:

“He said he was not in this for the money. He flat-out told us his thing was he wanted to create a safe place for prostitutes and johns to get together. He called it a hobby.”

Also arrested, along with professor Flory, was the former president of the University of New Mexico, F. Chris Garcia, age 71. Garcia was booked on a $35,000 bond and jailed last Thursday.

Police said Garcia was among the site’s top echelon. He used the name “Burque Pops” while acting as a moderator.

His main job, police said, was to act as a leader of the site’s “hunt club,” which looked for new talent – prostitutes willing to come to New Mexico. Police identified at least 20 women recruited by “Burque Pops.”

This begs the question: How much in federal funding goes to Farleigh-Dickinson University and to the University of New Mexico? And will either of these institutions lose any such money because of their professor’s and their former president’s involvement in prostitution?

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