It is pretty much common knowledge that boilerplate liberal rhetoric frequently includes public charges that conservatives (or more accurately, anyone who is not liberal) are intellectually challenged at best. Typically, the bigger a threat they perceive in an individual, the stupider they are made out to be. Right-wingers are either cultured but inbred buffoons, or trailer-dwelling, gap-toothed, grunting proto-humans.

Conversely, it is standard operating procedure on the part of liberals to portray themselves and prominent leftists whom they admire as possessing unsurpassed genius. This encompasses not only political figures, but like-minded personalities in other fields of endeavor. A libertine pop star who models wantonness and conceit is referred to as a “brilliant business woman,” despite evidencing the intelligence of a field mouse. Film directors who are comical in both ignorance and countenance are given credence when they spew vapid tripe concerning capitalism or gun control. Successful comedians take themselves seriously as political commentators, and junk scientists with an agenda are paid the deference of Olympian gods.

It has also not escaped the notice of many non-liberals that those on the left practice an ironic form of hypocrisy with regard to conservative women. Par for the course, to be sure, for those who espouse tolerance and project their own intolerance upon opponents, high-profile conservative women routinely take the worst beat-downs from liberals relative to their intellect (not to mention their temperament, and unsavory speculation pertaining to sexual practices).

As America finds herself in more dire straits than she has seen in 60 years, liberals are proposing exponentially more abysmal policies than they have advanced in recent decades – and with unprecedented vigor.

Forget the servile tittering of dedicated leftists and the disbelief of the ignorant; let us simply talk intelligence.

It defies reason that elected officials should be arguing about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling, given where their borrowing has brought us. (This line of reasoning does not factor in the intentional economic sabotage of uber-radicals in the Obama administration, so bear with me.) Common sense would dictate that advocates of raising the debt ceiling would be too ashamed to admit it and that those in opposition would summarily refuse even to hear arguments in its favor, let alone negotiate the point.

One would also surmise that a nation interested in preserving its integrity and domestic tranquility would see the simple solutions to an encroaching army of criminals engaging in all manner of atrocities on one of its borders. Yet, our government’s liberal policies, politics and a dab of greed preclude their doing anything decisive in this area.

There is some frustration among non-liberals that prospective Republican presidential candidates have gone out of their way to skirt discussion of the socialistic policies that got us into our current predicaments, the increasing collectivism, bureaucracy and oligarchism that has characterized the last 50 years of politics in America. These are antithetical to everything Americans say they value, regardless of party alignment, but they are exemplified by the administration of our current Leninist president.

So why are conservative candidates avoiding this subject? It is because the moment they draw near the S-word – socialism – the allegations of stupidity begin anew, because discussing socialism hits far too close to home.

The left’s antidote to rational thought was, of course, to employ Orwellianism on a scale that would do Big Brother proud. We have gotten to the point where politicians may propose suicidal solutions to just about any problem; as long they do it with a straight face, he or she will be given a serious hearing.

How, other than “stupid,” would one describe a political doctrine that allows the provision of tax-exempt status to terrorist organizations, funds their own enemies’ militant activities, portrays weakness to said enemies, materially supports hordes of shiftless and criminal illegal immigrants, intentionally compromises stabilizing social institutions, harbors disdain for the nation’s pledge to its flag and even for the very Creator of the universe?

I could go on; suffice it to say that everything the political left has done and is doing represents its level best to undermine the nation in every conceivable way.

And we’re the ones they call “stupid.”

At this juncture – with increasing wholesale dissolution and instability becoming evident to more and more Americans, and our president appearing a failure at best (and a traitor at worst) – all that remains for rank-and-file liberals are insipid rationales for supporting leftist policies and politicians; all that the latter have left are their invective and their lies. Insanity and duplicity are shamelessly proffered; stupidity has become brilliance, and similarly, the reverse is also maintained as truth.

So take pride, conservative Americans, in your stupidity. I know I will.

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