For most of the last 20 years, private industry has been downsizing – and demanding those who remain do more with less.

During that same 20 years, government has been super-sizing itself, in almost every area of our lives. More employees, more regulations, more life sucked out of the economy. Furthermore, government employees (via public “service” unions) have super-sized government pay packages, benefits and retirements.

A narrow band of the East Coast of America benefits from all this largesse. Call it the Boston, NYC, D.C. triumvirate.

Boom times? Bring it on, baby! Jobs and wages up. Recession? Jobs and pay up! Money flows out of 98 percent of America to the East Coast triumvirate – where it is spread liberally among bankers, brokers, bureaucrats and our blue-blood aristocracy, which masquerades as “public servants.”

House prices in the real America are down 45 percent off their peak. House prices in D.C. never went down – and are up nearly 40 percent over a year ago. In New York City during April alone, 20 homes worth $4 million dollars or more changed hands. How many in that price range changed hands in your city?

Even when banks took their loses (and passed them onto taxpayers), bankers in New York City still got their “performance” bonuses.

Washington, D.C., is an environmental marvel of clean, green theft!

  • Logging – destroyed by “environmentalists” working hand-in-hand with the Environment Protection Agency and Forest Service.

  • Mining – ditto.
  • Ranching – in process via lawsuits filed in metropolitan areas by “nonprofit” politically driven environmentalists, EPA bureaucrats and lawyers, and Forest Service managers who think the land belongs to them and the spotted owls.
  • Manufacturing – sold to the highest overseas bidders to force production offshore, where it’s OK to be dirty.
  • Education – destroyed by public “service” unions and communist PC indoctrination that has dumbed down the curriculum to create more nanny-state voters.
  • Oil – from $60 per barrel to $100 in just two years of “hope and change.” Can we tap the 1.8 trillion barrels in oil shale in America? No, no, no! That would provide jobs and prosperity for the rest of America!

In the midst of all this, corrupt big-city mayors have prospered from federal and state welfare payments to unwed, unprepared, uneducated inner-city mothers who manage to pop out fatherless babies with remarkable regularity. And why not? When there is no father involved, procreation pays!

Unfortunately for America, rarely do these little apples fall far from the tree. Now there’s a real “hockey stick” (exponential) graph. How about if America’s nonprofit, “non-political charities” pick up the tab for all those bundles of joy for a while? They’re the ones who have illegally lobbied government for the changes that brought this situation about!

Big media and publicly funded propaganda broadcasting are all infested with the East Coast’s 2 percent triumvirate solution: “Give us more of your money so we can continue to live in the style to which we’ve become accustomed!” Big media work tirelessly in their own self-interest to elect only ruling East Coast leftist blue-bloods who will protect the gravy train as it hauls the blood, sweat and tears of the rest of America into their overstuffed coffers.

“Budget shortfall! Budget shortfall! The sky is falling!”

There ain’t no stinking budget shortfall. There’s spending largesse.

Here’s how to fix it, Congress:

  • Kill the EPA. It’s a state function.

  • Kill the federal Education Department. It’s a state function.
  • Kill Homeland Security. It’s an illegal federal police force intent on destroying the Fourth Amendment. Let airlines do their own passenger screening, and pay for it in their ticket prices. And put the military on the border; we already pay them for that job! Just what the heck is the military for if not to protect the border?
  • Kill PBS. We don’t need no more stinking leftist elitist views broadcast at taxpayer expense.
  • Divest Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service land holdings to local communities. They’ll take better care of the land than the feds ever did! (I would retain the National Park Service, because its developed properties could be self-supporting. But divest it to the states, if you wish.)

Get a clue, Congress! Defund these agencies now! Their expenses are then gone forever; the savings just keep rolling in! And the productivity increases would be massive! Drive these federal employees out of the 2 percent of America that benefits from their presence. Give them the opportunity to become productive citizens in the other 98 percent of America!

Do it now! The rest of America simply can’t take any more government “assistance”!

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