Last week, I received an interesting piece of mail. It was an invitation for school-aged black children in town to participate in a program sponsored by a black students’ group at the local university. The program is being endorsed by our school district; accompanying the invitation was a glowing form letter from its “equity and diversity coordinator” (some woman with a hyphenated surname).

The modality is that of an ongoing mentoring program led by black student members of this campus group, and the affair is being touted as an opportunity for children to learn about “giving back, empowerment and strengthening culture.” I do not doubt that it is but one of hundreds of similar, though probably unaffiliated, programs being presented by thousands of well-intentioned people across the country.

In general, I am in favor of anything that serves to empower young Americans toward success and self-actualization. Heaven knows that these days, our youth are exposed to an insanely mixed bag of messages, ranging from dangerously self-destructive to pathologically narcissistic. Given that so many interests serve to deride capitalism, church and country, one wonders upon what basis young people are supposed to be motivated to do anything positive.

I am also sure that the people involved in this project honestly believe that their area of endeavor and this program are laudable, and that many black parents – particularly in this area in which they are a distinct minority – will eagerly enroll their children therein. The programming the parents themselves have received will produce the belief that programs such as these are beneficial, or even essential. This belief will be capitalized upon to inculcate liberal racial orthodoxy into these kids.

I guarantee that the parties advancing this program would be the same ones crying racism to anyone who would listen if a German heritage group were to sponsor a similar activity for local school-aged kids of German descent.

It’s likely that many a reader felt a little bile rise when they caught the phrase “equity and diversity coordinator.” This was likely because the utilization of such designations and the people who work in such capacities are part and parcel of the aforementioned liberal racial orthodoxy, which permeates so many of our educational establishments. Generally speaking, organizations and communities that boast such positions already have a problem with PC influence.

Then there is the nebulous agenda as described. Well, it isn’t described, really; the reader or parent is left to fill in the blanks – or not, as the case may be. Many of us are aware that such terms as “giving back, empowerment and strengthening culture” are merely a few of many catch phrases for leftist indoctrination, and I have no reason to believe that this is an exception. Even if it does not smack of the particularly virulent variety we hear from, say, the New Black Panther Party, such things always reinforce a perception of exclusion on the part of blacks, as well as the idea that they are operating in a hostile, institutionally racist environment.

This phenomenon is one of the reasons I continue to presage concerning the insidiousness and determination of the left in their indoctrination of people of color, and why I admonish Americans to be vigilant concerning sociopolitical and cultural developments in their own backyards.

I will be excoriated for attacking this valuable educational opportunity that is intended only for the betterment of our children. Those doing the excoriating will be too blind to see that they are being kept on the plantation by people who have told them that there are vicious racists outside its boundaries. The principals of this mentoring program would of course maintain that such cultural illumination remains necessary for black kids, because of blacks’ history of having been oppressed in America. In argument, one might refer to the Romans’ occupation of Europe. Should the Italian people be reviled as oppressors to this day due to their role in history? Ought Jews worldwide be seeking reparations from the Egyptian government?

As so many career black activists and radicals charge, there is indeed racism in America; the type that is prevalent, however, is that of liberal elites in politics and the press who have carefully crafted the shallow, harmful worldview they wish us to hold – this being that whites are twisted and evil, nonwhites are hapless victims, capitalism keeps the status quo going, and America sucks.

In May of this year, a black Ohio woman was convicted – after three trials – of having microwaved her 28-day-old baby to death back in August 2005. Just last month, a Northern California woman of Asian descent was charged with killing her baby in a microwave oven. I didn’t even hear about these cases until two days ago – but I did hear enough about the Casey Anthony murder trial to hold me until the day after Doomsday.

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