Mob liberating prisoners after capturing the Bastille (July 14, 1789)

Laws of logic have no action on crowds.

~ Gustave Le Bon (1896)

But liberals, being a mob, are perfectly capable of holding two completely contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time.

~ Ann Coulter

Leading conservative intellectual and my fellow WND colleague, Ann Coulter, has done it again, writing yet another No. 1 New York Times best-selling book, “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.” In this outstanding book, Coulter uses the enduring idée fixe that “Democrats are heirs to the French Revolution, the uprising of a mob. Conservatives are heirs to the American Revolution and the harmonious order of a republic.”

Regrettably, most people aren’t taught this political history because Marxists, progressives and unionists have dominated our public schools and controlled teachers unions since the founding of the National Education Association (1857) and have since worked tirelessly to remove every vestige of God, truth, logic, capitalism, history and the Founding Fathers from the curriculum and replace it with education atheism, leftist propaganda, socialist groupthink, Social Darwinism, moral relativism and, of late, fraudulent national test scores.

Gustave Le Bon and the Casey Anthony jury

Coulter introduces us to the father of mob psychology, Gustave Le Bon:

Although the left in America is widely recognized as hysterical, unreasonable, and clueless, the “root cause” of these traits has generally been neglected. More than a century ago, Gustave Le Bon perfectly captured the liberal psychological profile in his 1896 book, “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind.” Le Bon – a French physician, scientist, and social psychologist – was the first to identify the phenomenon of mass [mob] psychology.

We see Le Bon’s prescient theories of mob groupthink demonstrated in our culture today. For example, the mob of 12 jurors in the recent Casey Anthony case didn’t take notes, irrationally ignored over 6,000 pages of evidence, over 400 exhibits and never made one request to re-read any testimony from any of the dozens of witnesses in a trial lasting 2 months, and in less than 11 hours unanimously came back with a verdict of not guilty of first degree murder, not guilty of aggravated manslaughter and not guilty of aggravated child abuse, thus setting free a young, promiscuous mother who is also a narcissist, a pathological liar and a sociopathic murderer.

Oh, and the Florida taxpayers will be hit with a bill of $4.5 million in legal fees to pay for this gross miscarriage of justice.

Jesus Christ

“Capitulating to the mob, Pilate ordered Jesus’ death. … the seminal event of the New Testament – Jesus’ crucifixion – is a dramatic illustration of the power of the mob,” Coulter wrote. “When the mob was howling for Pontius Pilate to sentence Jesus to death, even Pilate’s wife couldn’t convince him to spare Jesus. She sent Pilate a note saying that Jesus was innocent and a ‘just man.’ Three times Pilate told the ‘multitude’ that Jesus was innocent and should be spared. … But the mob was immovable, demanding Jesus’s crucifixion.” Pilate offered the choice of releasing Jesus or Barabbas, a notorious murderer and insurrectionist [i.e., “community organizer,” one who incites the mob]. Again, the mob “spoke with one voice,” demanding “with loud shouts” that Jesus be crucified.

The French Revolution

Just as Allan Bloom did in the 1980s with his book, “The Closing of the American Mind,” Coulter traces the history of the liberal mob to the groupthink and bloodlust politics of the French Revolution, Jacobinism and Robespierre’s revolutionaries (making a clear distinction between them and America’s revolutionaries), who condemned God and the church as the enemy of the people and claimed they were exercising the “general will” prior to murdering their fellow citizens. Liberal Democrats are indeed the children of the French Revolution, whose violent history is replete with repeated episodes of pandering to mobs, while Republicans, heirs to the American Revolution, have frequently stood for peaceable order, Coulter says.

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao

Coulter wrote that “Le Bon’s groundbreaking book ‘The Crowd’ paints a disturbing picture of the behavior of mobs. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini used his book to learn how to incite a mob. Our liberals could have been Le Bon’s study subjects.” Throughout her book, Coulter emphasizes the fact that “This is not the American tradition; it is the tradition of Stalin, of Hitler, of the guillotine – and the tradition of the American Left.”

Coulter continues, “Every single American knows about the Third Reich, a more recent and more efficient barbarism than the French Revolution. But Hitler got his playbook from Robespierre, as did all the great liberal ‘reformers’ of the 20th century, from Lenin to Hugo Chavez. It was the Rousseauian idea of a few select individuals exercising the ‘general will’ that gave the world the gulag, the concentration camp, the killing fields, the re-education camps, and corpse upon corpse, without end.”

Modern Democratic Party

Coulter’s book persuasively demonstrates that liberal mobs, from Wilson/FDR/LBJ racists to student radicals to anti-war, pro-abortion and pro-Obamacare fanatics today, have always used violence to force their perverse ideas of the “general will.” The more things change the more they stay the same. White America, so eager to set aside its racist history, foolishly elected a unknown, little Marxist professor and Alinsky community organizer (i.e., insurrectionist) named Barack Hussein Obama who, as he promised, is “remaking America” by purposely deconstructing the nation using all of the mob tactics and strategies his limitless bureaucracy of the federal government affords him.

In Part IV of her book, Coulter asks “Why would anyone be a liberal?” and answers in the title of Chapter 14 – “Status Anxiety: Please like me!” Until all Americans of moral character, historical understanding and rational intellect can remove liberals’ monopoly over what ideas are legitimate and what persons are relevant, the liberal mob will continue to rule America like a Mafia welfare state. In other words, “As long as Democrats can win elections by demagoguing the mob,” Coulter says, “they are perfectly happy to turn America into a banana republic.”

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