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National talk-show host considers presidential bid

Laurie Roth

A national radio talk-show host for more than 10 years, Laurie Roth, says she is exploring a bid for the presidency of the United States in the 2012 election.

“I know this will be like climbing up Mt. Everest in a bikini with no oxygen as far as difficulty, but, I love my country and believe I have the right ideas at the right time – not political, not legal, and not international but boldly American and freedom loving,” she said.

As a prominent host and original thinker, she said she would need to run independently, and she’s in the process of collecting the necessary signatures to qualify for a bid for the office, she said.

According to Sheryl McGrath, coordinator for Roth’s exploratory committee, her platform would secure borders, abolish income taxes and focus on removing the Middle East oil suppliers from the U.S. payroll.

According to the announcement from McGrath, the campaign would address:

According to Roth’s announcement, she can truly be a “Peoples President,” because she is a mom, survivor and knows the issues.

“We have seen what the politicians, millionaires and lawyers can do, perhaps a real person can do better,” she said.

Of note, she is the survivor of a near-fatal motorcycle wreck in August 2005 and posts her comeback story on her website.

She also has two books in the works right now. The first, “The Peoples President,” outlines in 10 chapters what her vision, her beliefs what she would do to fix and inspire America.

The second, “Two Minute Warning,” addresses America’s compromised condition and offers a strategic recovery plan.