This feels slightly treasonous to my beloved North Carolina. Even the mildest hint of a redneck past that has long been lived down and reversed feels unfair, but history is history!

We played chess, along with checkers and Chinese checkers, or at least we thought we played chess. Chess glory comes in out-thinking your opponent three, four or more moves ahead. That was frowned upon. In North Carolina, stopping to study the board and consider a variety of scenarios was considered impolite; bad sportsmanship; some even alleged it was against the rules. We knew the moves. Those little buck-private pawns could only move forward. The horse’s head could jump two squares forward or backward and one sideways. The bishop could zoom slanchandicular. Keep it moving, Man; bang, bang, bang. Stopping and thinking was for north of Richmond and Russia.

In the monumental “chess” game now between Democrats and Republicans over the debt ceiling, North Carolina rules are not helpful. He who more successfully guesses the other’s moves deeper and deeper ahead of time wins more political gold than all Olympic weightlifters together can carry. The loser could, as James Carville once unsuccessfully predicted about the Republicans, face 40 years in the desert.

Look at the “board.” An arm of the tea party warned the GOP that any member who voted for raising the debt limit, to any extent and for any reason, would be slapped with a primary challenge. That’s something legislators want to avoid, even if they, their challengers and everybody else knows they’re going to win. Primary fights cost money vital to the general election. They want to focus on their jobs, not the mere retention thereof, during the primary fight.

The Republicans in Congress have the budgetary “nuclear” option at their disposal! Let them know you expect them to use it by sending a message to all 241 GOP House members via the “No More Red Ink” campaign

There’s been no audible Democratic “pop” yet. Where are the Democratic legislators and “tea partiers” who say, like old Hollywood mogul Samuel Goldwyn, “Include me out”?; in this case,”out” of raising taxes in a miserable job environment, out of more borrowing, out of regulatory logs across the neck of entrepreneurs, out of the whole business-is-bad-government-is-great ethos?

OK, chess pieces move. The Republicans refuse to vote upping the debt limit. They quote big-name economists who agree this does NOT mean automatic default. Obama’s move: He says hold the Social Security checks. He goes on TV and says, “Nothing could make me happier than sending out these checks as usual, but, alas, the Republicans – fulfilling an age-old aspiration – have made that impossible.”

GOP’s turn. “Fellow Americans. Please understand what’s going on here. In an act of nothing less than sheer political cruelty, President Obama is responding to our sincerest attempt to rescue America’s finances by cynically and deliberately picking the most painful cutback possible as his opening response to our finally pulling the narco-needle out of the nation’s vein. He didn’t have to stop Social Security checks as his first move. He might never have to, once a joyous world sees that America is getting hold of itself again and private investment and new jobs kick in and revenue leaps. He could have cut something involving the arts or the wetlands or the beer museum. If you’ve never taken any interest in government in your life, Americans, please understand; please understand at least this.”

Now, do the American people throw their shoulders back and say to the Obama administration what Churchill said to Hitler during the Battle of Britain: “You do your worst, and we shall do our best”? Or, do they fold like travel diapers, with infantile whimpering to match?

Lawyers don’t want intelligent jurors. They prefer malleable jurors, easy to manipulate. So do politicians. Republicans are not holy men. They’re not kissed by tongues of flame that render them lean and resilient in pursuit of justice. But they happen to have the larger ration of righteousness in their duffle bags at the moment.

Barring any temporary debt-ceiling raise or mini-measure, this will usher in the most vicious war of words ever seen, heard or felt in America. Republicans will be outgunned by major media, but major media isn’t as major as it was, and up-and-coming media – talk radio, blogs, agenda email, WND and other Internet – is getting more and more major by the day. The administration and their allies will call the Republicans the running dogs of the Wall Street oligarchy of atomic plunderers. The Republicans will call on all Americans to rise up against the Democratic Draculas of Communism and drive stakes through their hearts.

The best news lately! Over a dozen states, fearful of massive attempts by the left to commit election theft, are pushing through laws to demand voter ID. The left is crying “racism” without realizing how racist their very cries are. Are they alleging that blacks and Hispanics are too pathetic to handle voter ID? In Rhode Island, a black Democratic state senator pushed through such a bill that was signed into law by Independent Gov. Lincoln Chafee.

That makes me feel like Noah on deck when the little dove fluttered by with the green sprig in its beak.

OK, America. Your move!

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