Members of the town council of Quartzsite, Ariz., have mysteriously vanished from their own government website in the wake of thousands of emails flooding in over reports of police intimidation and possible financial wrongdoing.

The emails have been pouring in since WND gave national exposure last week to the town after local resident Jennifer Jones, publisher of the Desert Freedom Press, was forcibly removed by police as she was speaking at a town-hall meeting June 28.

The emails in the wake of the YouTube sensation frightened Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and the council so much about their personal safety, they held a special, unpublicized session on Sunday, locking out the public and declaring a state of emergency.

As WND previously reported, a typical email was from Robert Bright, stating, “I hope to dear God Jennifer Jones sues your city for every penny she can get! Your type of thuggish governing is why our Founding Fathers of the American
colonies decided to throw off the tyrannical rule of King George of England in 1776.”

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Mayor Ed Foster, who is at war with his own council and Chief Gilbert whom he has called corrupt and “a Nazi,” believes potentially millions of dollars of taxpayer money is being illegally funneled to unnamed councilmembers.

On the town council’s main page today, all the photographs and email addresses of the mayor, vice mayor and councilmembers have apparently been scrubbed.

A July 13, 2011, screenshot of Quartzsite, Arizona’s town-council page has been scrubbed of all names, photos and email addresses.

All that remains is a vision statement, reading, “We, the Mayor and Common Council, strive to make our community the best possible place to live. Furthermore, we encourage our citizens to develop strong ethical, social, cultural, and business relationships to enhance living in our community.”

WND is seeking comment from Town Manager Alex Taft as to why the images and email addresses have been taken off the site.

Meanwhile, the information does remain stored in a Google cache of the page, which can be seen here.

WND has preserved the contact information for the officials below:

Mayor Ed Foster of Quartzsite, Ariz., says his town is filled with massive corruption among government officials.

Mayor Ed Foster

Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell

Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell

Councilman Bob Kelley

Councilman Bob Kelley

Councilman Joe Winslow

Councilman Joe Winslow

Councilman Jerry Lukkasson

Councilman Jerry Lukkasson

Councilwoman Patricia Anderson

Councilwoman Patricia Anderson

Despite Mayor Foster’s information having vanished online, he now has a Facebook page set up by supporters in his battle against the Quartzsite Town Council.

Quartzsite, the self-proclaimed “Rock Capital of the World,” is a town of some 3,800 people, but its population swells to 30,000 in the winter months. It’s located about two hours by car west of Phoenix, and claims to have 2 million visitors a year, as it sits at the intersection of Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway 95.

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