Isn’t it interesting how the world’s ruling “elites” all seem to believe that Greece and other “borrow and spend” economies should be “bailed out” of their economic contractions?

I wonder if that’s because the world’s ruling “elites” are the same ones who have been preaching the virtues of socialism and communism to the rest of us rednecks, hillbillies and non-Ivy-Leaguers who cling to our Bibles and balanced budgets? (Is it any wonder we also cling to our guns?)

I wonder who the world’s “elites” think should pay for the bailout?

Oh, us? What a surprise!

As I’ve mentioned before, the party in Washington, D.C., and other ruling elitist enclaves like Brussels just never ends. There are never any economic downturns – just strong economic growth that spirals upward forever. That’s because there is always one more fatted taxpayer to slaughter, one more sacrifice that can be dredged up to the world’s failed “isms” embraced by the world’s failed “elites.”

Economic downturns, you see, are for the “little people.” In the words of Obama, it’s “time to eat our peas.” And while we do, Obama and the rest of his Chicago mob will pee all over the rest of us.

That’s what communism is. Those with the politically correct views are rewarded – whether they be the chairman of Megabuck Bank, or the welfare recipient popping out new communist voters every year. Your political views determine your advancement in society.

Nobody disputed that communism worked spectacularly well for Politburo members and Communist Party elites. Five-year plans always seemed to fill the shelves in the bigwigs-only stores with a surplus of luxury goods – while ordinary Russians stood in line to buy a loaf of bread.

But hey! Everybody was treated equally, right?

Obama has done the same here. Banks the federal government had allowed to become “too big to fail” were bailed out by taxpayers – who also ended up paying the bonuses of the poor babies who ran the banks into the ground. After all, why would you hold a bank executive accountable for the disastrous redistributionist policies set in place by the communists in Congress? The “elites” are never accountable.

So in America, Republicans are supposed to “get real, man!” in the words of our vice president – and up the debt limit so he and his communist pals can buy enough votes to get re-elected one more time.

In the European Union, the Germans, who have a strong currency, need to help out the Greeks, Italians, Portuguese and the rest of the public union panaceas. How are they to help out? By writing off the debts.

You see, that’s how it always works with communist filth. Those who “work hard and play by the rules” never fail to get the shaft: When problems break out in commie land, the elites come looking for those who managed their lives and finances well.

But of course! Where else would they get the money?

Why is it so hard to understand, America? If you vote for communist, “elitist” filth – you get communism. Get a clue!

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