Rush Limbaugh rarely has guests on his show, but made an exception this week for Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. Widely touted as a possible presidential candidate, Rubio impressed Limbaugh with his “hell-bent-for-leather” attitude.

“And that is why I wanted him to come on the program today,” Rush explained. “We need to hear this kind of thing from elected Republicans in Washington.”

It’s become a cliché among Democrats (and even some Republicans) that in “the good old days,” rivals like Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill worked together cordially in the spirit of “bipartisanship.” Nonsense, Rush explained to listeners:

Let me tell you about Tip O’Neill. You know, all this is revisionist history. Tip O’Neill called Ronald Reagan “the most ignorant man who had ever occupied the White House.” …

Now, all this talk about how these guys are good friends and they went out and drank beer after work every day? It’s a bunch of poppycock. It’s just another pack of lies.

Michael Savage

Savage achieved a dubious distinction this week. Pranksters took to the streets of Chicago to ask passersby which books by conservative authors they would ban if they could.

Ann Coulter’s and Sarah Palin’s names topped the list, but according to, “Ironically, Michael Savage, who has been banned from entering Britain over things he often says, did not receive one vote to have his words banned in Chicago.”

Speaking of conservative authors: Las Vegas Weekly set out to prove that citizens of the nation’s gambling capital were in fact avid readers.

One bookstore owner told the reporter, “I remember when the last Michael Savage book came out we sold out right away. And then some guy came in to get a copy, and we told him that we were out, but he didn’t believe us. He was convinced we were hiding the book in the back! Then he threatened to call our corporate office.”

On the air, Savage welcomed guest Laura Ingraham to talk about her new book, “Of Thee I Zing,” and the “cultural meltdown” that inspired it:

Sean Hannity

Actor Gary Sinise is best known for his roles on “CSI: New York” and in “Forrest Gump,” but this week he talked to Hannity about the new documentary that chronicles his music group, the Lt. Dan Band, as they travel the world entertaining American men and women in uniform (FREE audio).

Obama scolded his GOP opponents for balking at raising the debt ceiling, telling them it was time to “eat our peas.”

Hannity was disgusted by the president’s implication that conservatives were greedy: “I’m already paying 55 percent of my income in taxes!”

Mark Levin

“Obama is taking us right to the brink.”

Mark Levin explained that the government has enough money to meet essential obligations without having to raise the debt ceiling, and he called on GOP leaders to stand their ground (FREE audio).

Obama needs to stop scaring Americans who rely on Social Security and Medicare, Levin said, laying out exactly how the government could fund those programs and others and still have billions left over to cut. It’s a very educational segment (FREE audio).

After Obama stormed out of a meeting about raising the debt ceiling, Levin was outraged: “Who does he think he is? Mussolini?”

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham’s new book hit the bookstores this week. “Of Thee I Zing” is highly critical of the impact trashy pop culture has had on American families and society. She talked to the National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about one of her biggest concerns:

Parents’ failure to parent. Remember, you’re not Jr.’s friend. You’re not Bethany’s BFF. You are a mother or a father – act like one. Forget “Snakes on a Plane” – have you seen children running wild on commercial flights

Or how about mothers who beam about the fact that they “can wear my daughter’s jeans!” Sweetie, you’re middle-aged, and your midriff looks like day-old Activia yogurt. Your daughter doesn’t need competition, she needs a mother.

Ingraham’s previous book, “Power to the People,” predicted (and helped inspire) the rise of the tea-party movement. On her book tour this week, she easily trounced the Today Show’s Matt Lauer, insisting that if it weren’t for the tea party, spending cuts wouldn’t even be on the table (FREE video).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s major rally in Israel is scheduled for Aug. 28, but he visited the country this week and delivered a message to the Knesset (FREE video).

After Beck announced he was moving his family to Dallas, fans wondered what would become of his New York studios and offices. Sure enough, Beck has announced that he’ll be maintaining his Big Apple headquarters, but setting up new radio and television studios in Dallas as well.

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Could it be true? Is Al Sharpton about to become a regular face on MSNBC?

That’s what Brian Maloney thinks. At his Radio Equalizer blog, he reports: “The longtime activist/libtalk radio host has been filling in on the ratings-challenged network quite a bit recently and is now dropping hints of a greater role to come.”

After all, Maloney writes, Sharpton’s “radio show’s coming apart at the seams. With increasingly emboldened African-American callers challenging Sharpton to reconsider his insider establishment views, opening the phone lines has recently become a miserable experience.”

At MSNBC, Sharpton won’t have to worry about those pesky critics. He’ll have a one-way pulpit from which to spout his dangerous, out-of-touch views on race and class.

The question is: Can MSNBC afford to lose even more ratings points? It’s questionable whether or not even their most loyal viewers could stomach “the Reverend Al” for very long.

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