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Carney's response to 130,000 Maryland voters

For the first time in decades, Marylanders have successfully petitioned to placed a referendum on the ballot – one that will allow all voters, on Election Day in November 2012, to decide whether or not illegal aliens should be given the in-state college tuition rates, which are denied to U.S. citizens from other states.

Maryland’s Democrat-dominated General Assembly voted 27-19 in the state Senate and 74-65 in the House of Delegates to support this outrageous favoritism toward illegal aliens. All of the 27-state senators and 74 delegates who so voted should be remembered carefully on Election Day in 15 months.

Opposition to rewarding the offspring of this nation’s criminal invaders will be on the November 2012 election ballot because more than 130,000 Maryland citizens so petitioned – but only 56,000 were necessary.

Thus, public citizenry was able to halt the intent of Maryland’s Democrat-dominated General Assembly to reward illegal aliens and put this issue on the ballot – on the same Election Day Barack Obama hopes he can win enough votes to be re-elected.

On his campaign website, the president declared:

“I want to sign the DREAM Act into law, but I need your help to do the hard work of changing minds and changing votes one-at-a-time.”

On July 12, at the daily White House news briefing, Press Secretary Jay Carney (who had allowed ABC, CBS, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal to ask five questions each) ended his briefing by allowing me to ask just one question:

“Will the president speak out in support of Maryland’s giving illegal aliens in-state tuition at colleges and universities?”

CARNEY: “I am not aware of that issue, Lester, so I don’t have an answer for you.”

Q: “You’re not aware of that issue?

CARNEY: “I am not.”

Carney resides and works in an area where both daily newspapers and other media have repeatedly reported the (now-successful) campaign for the 130,000 Maryland votes, which put this issue on the ballot and vacated the vote of Maryland’s General Assembly.

That inevitably raises the question: How is it possible that no one at the Obama White House knew anything at all about 130,000 Maryland citizens who voted against the criminal invasion of their state?

The towering indication that this was not really the case suggests that Obama Press Secretary Carney was playing a game of evasion of this question.

That Obama White House treatment of Maryland voters regarding so serious an issue could have a very serious effect in November 2012.

Meanwhile, Maryland’s Catholic Conference has issued a statement:

“Maryland is not New York. During the 2011 session, Maryland chose not to redefine marriage because they listened to their Maryland constituents and stood by their deeply held moral convictions.”

This statement was reported at the end of a Washington Post report, with a two-paragraph photograph of Maryland’s handsome – and Roman Catholic – Gov. Martin O’Malley.

The bulk of this story dealt with O’Malley’s “weighing whether to sponsor a same-sex marriage bill during next year’s legislative session.”

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if Baltimore’s new Catholic archbishop, a former West Point chaplain and a forceful prelate of undeniably interesting pronouncements, were to announce:

“If Governor O’Malley so violates the doctrine of his church as to sign legalization for same-sex marriage, he will be excommunicated.”