In my 2010 book, “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” I examined the potential danger in our having elected a scoundrel such as Barack Obama as our “first black president.” Given his ardent affinity for Marxist-Leninism, I knew prior to his election that his policies would be disastrous, but what I found chilling was the impunity with which I knew he would be able to operate simply because of his race. Indeed, Obama was afforded broad latitude even during the 2008 campaign, and this was not only by the press; prominent Republicans behaved timidly with regard to Obama’s plethora of liabilities. It is still my belief that many otherwise conscientious, intelligent Americans wound up voting for Obama primarily because he is black.

I will not reiterate here the dynamic of precisely which inappropriate factors contributed to his getting elected, or how they continue to influence policy and public opinion. What I will address are the reasons I believe that the forces which drive politics in this country will never allow Obama’s presidency to end in a disgraceful manner, and why these include the most powerful people in America – both on the right and the left.

I would submit that certain actions of this president and his administration have been sufficient to at least warrant the call for a special prosecutor, and that even one of mediocre skills would be able to dredge up enough unlawful activity to send most presidents packing. Certainly the production of an obvious and amateurish forgery when pressed for the president’s birth certificate would be among these.

For a less controversial example, I could point to Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration’s ostensible plan to expose gun-trafficking rings operating along the border, but which wound up with Mexican drug cartels securing vast amounts of small arms from the American government.

The outcome has angered Mexican officials, some of whom charge that this speaks to a U.S. government conspiracy to control the political climate in Mexico. This may be partially accurate, but the truth is that the Obama administration has been using the border and immigration crises to generate instability in the area for some time. This instability, along with other forces, will ultimately be used to justify widespread military mobilization within the U.S.

As far as criminality and culpability go, the subsequent actions of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, as well as the evidence that continues to materialize, speak for themselves.

The problems relative to any scenario involving Obama’s ouster should not be underestimated. To start with, it is too important in the sociopolitical sense in general that Obama’s legacy is a favorable one. Even if he is voted out in 2012, it has been proven (as in the case of Jimmy Carter, for example) that even a woefully inept former president can be transformed into an sage elder statesman through the deft manipulation of his image. Obama will reside in the annals of American history as our celebrated “first black president,” and that will be that.

This is not only important to liberal Democrats, but to influential conservatives and Republicans, who would rather ride out the storm and take their chances than risk being perceived as responsible for dealing such a crushing collective blow to black Americans.

In the sense of political strategy, they may have a point here, given how eager liberals, civil-rights activists and the establishment press are to demonize conservatives.

Then, there is the specter of civil unrest, which should not be underestimated, given the influence of prominent career black activists, black militants and the latitude they have enjoyed since Obama took office. If the president were to drop dead of a heart attack, or be caught red-handed committing a violent felony, the stresses of “having to endure the institutional racism so prevalent in America” would likely be blamed. As with Michael Jackson’s self-destruction, there would be Al Sharpton before a bank of television cameras, bellowing about how white racism was the culprit, rather than an Obama’s own misadventurous proclivities.

Add to this the historic predilection for this administration having fomented as much instability as it could across the board, and one can well imagine what might transpire if Obama were forced from office in disgrace, and then perhaps criminally prosecuted. Between the press and those of the caliber of Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party, our major cities could erupt in rioting and violence, radiating from inner city neighborhoods into adjacent areas and proliferating to a degree about which we can only speculate.

Thus, despite the fact that millions of rank-and-file conservatives, independents and even some Democrats might like to see Obama find a new job before his current term expires, I would not hold out much hope for this, no matter what he does. Such a fate he richly deserves, and the tyrannical direction to which he increasingly leans is indeed profoundly alarming. To a preponderance of our nation’s power brokers, however, I believe that the potential short and long-term social and historical political impact of such a course preclude it being seriously considered.

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