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I’m standing in line at my bank in Miami wearing my “Hay Un Comunista Viviendo En La Casa Blanca” T-shirt. No one speaks English here. I’m thinking about the recent headline, “The world’s biggest economy runs out of cash on Aug. 2.” Another crisis our communist president is using for his evil plot to shut America down. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Let’s see, there was 1) that flu “crisis” – we were supposed to stop public transportation and flying; remember Biden told us it was unsafe to fly because of the germs? 2) the banking “crisis” – had to urgently pass the “Stimulus” bill and pay off all Obama’s supporters … to get the economy going?! 3) the health-care “crisis” – the best health-care system in the world suddenly had to urgently change for some reason, had to get socialized medicine; 4) the oil-spill “crisis” – had to quit drilling! Lose jobs. Depend on foreign, enemy oil; 5) The global warming, I mean, climate change “crisis”! – the government must take our light bulbs away and limit our showers! Windmills now! Solar panels, ASAP! 6) the hacking into the Internet “crisis”! That blonde Swedish guy and Rupert Murdoch! Oh no! Government, please control our Internet and phones!

It’s so obvious that Dictator “O” is trying to crash our economy. Hey, Congress, I know what to eliminate to save money: Obamacare! Duh! Aug. 2 is my birthday, so it’s weird to hear it on the news all day. I’m still in line at the bank and in a hurry. I have to fly to Niagara Falls, Canada, today to do stand-up comedy with Joe Piscopo and Father Guido Sarducci. My dogs are in my car. I left the air conditioning on for them, so the key is in the ignition, and I’m watching out the window for car/dog thieves.

Don Novello (Father Guido Sarducci), me and Joe Piscopo

Sometimes I’m glad that most Americans aren’t paying attention. They aren’t panicking like he wants them to. Out of 300 million Americans, how many have read the book with all the facts, “The Manchurian President” by Aaron Klein? I’m reading it now and I want to educate everyone, so I’m wearing the Spanish version of my educational T-shirt. On the back, it says, “Votemos Para Sacarlo. Todavia Lo Podemos Hacer?!” This means, “Vote Him Out. Are we still allowed to do that?!”

I approach the young bank teller and she reads my shirt and giggles. I turn around so she can see the back, and a Cuban woman in line reads the front of my shirt and mumbles under her breath, “Don’t say that.” I mumble back, “I have proof.”

I leave quickly because I don’t want to start a scene. You see, that’s the thing. No one wants to believe it. They are purposefully burying their heads in the sand.

Liberals become conservatives when they get the facts. Hear the story of Anne Marie’s transformation:

Now it’s sunset and I’m sitting here in Canada looking out the window of my hotel at the gorgeous Niagara Falls. I can’t move my eyes away. I haven’t done my act in a while. I hope I remember it. I had to get “bra extensions” for my bustier because it wouldn’t close in the back! I’d never even heard of them before. Aging. Don’t like it.

On the drive from the airport, I asked my limo driver what Canadians think about our new communist president.

He moaned, then said, “I think he’s more than a communist. … It’s about the whole world.”

I said, “You mean like the Illuminati?”

He nodded.


He said, “Yes. They took a poll of all the leaders of all the countries and they asked who they’d pick as a leader if they had to right now. They all answered Obama.”


I started telling him the facts I was learning about Obama’s past from the documented, footnoted, highly researched book “The Manchurian President.”

“As a child, Obama attended Sunday School at the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu, a radical activist ‘church’ that hid draft dodgers and that was ‘strongly linked’ to William Ayers’ Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) that ‘aspired to overthrow U.S. institutions, remake the American government in a Marxist image, and help our enemies be victorious on the battlefield in Vietnam.'”*

“Church” is intentionally the wrong label. It’s not a Christ/Bible-based gathering, but the opposite – more of a God-hating, community-organizing, social justice, radical, troublemakers meeting. “Many of the members were children of parents who were in the Communist Party.” Obama’s parents, grandparents and childhood mentor, Frank Davis, were communists! Obama has personal ties to pro-PLO, anti-Israel Rashid Khalidi, and Chicago crook Tony Rezko; as well as communist-linked Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, who was also mentored by a communist. “Hamas” endorsed him for president. The Apollo Alliance and Van Jones … and I’m only on page 17.

My limo driver interrupted, “I know. I agree with you.”

“But, the media isn’t telling anyone! How can an entire industry make an agreement to keep a secret? No one has secrets anymore. No one except Obama. Did he have girlfriends? Boyfriends? No one remembers him from Columbia University! Is Canada worried?”

“People only get concerned when it affects them. We’re doing OK … right now.”

“We’re not. They’re doing cutbacks on the police now. People are losing their homes.”

“I know. I know.”

“How do you guys like socialized medicine. We have that now.”

“Oh, it’s pretty good, you know.”

“Then, why do Canadians and Brits come to the U.S. for surgery because the waiting list is too long and they can’t wait for …”

The limo driver said, “Oh yes, that’s true. And now, we have a shortage of antibiotics and some necessary medicines.”

I said, “Now that America is socialist, where are Canadians gonna go to get famous?! You know, Gilda, Lorne, Ackroyd, Norm McDonald, Michael J. Fox, Martin Short … you have a lot of funny people. Where are they gonna go now?! Capitalism is the only system where people can make a million dollars a week just telling a few jokes.”

I asked my limo driver if I could video him and he said no.

I’m worried about this Rupert Murdoch thing. It seems contrived. It reeks of the Obama administration trying to silence the one channel that doesn’t worship Obama. If Fox News disappears, freedom of speech is dead. I already have to jump through hoops to find Glenn Beck. I’m jonesing for his 5 p.m. show that doesn’t exist anymore.

Well, now I have to shake reality off and go rehearse for the comedy show tonight. Nehemiah 8:10: “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

* See my Vietnam story at

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