Southern Sudanese gather to celebrate their first independence day in the capital city of Juba on Saturday, July 9, 2011.

Nobles shall come from Egypt; Cush [Sudan] shall hasten to stretch out her hands to God.

~ Psalm 68:31


Can Africa be saved?

Like all nations going back to antiquity, if Africa makes the right choices, yes – but if Africa continues to make the wrong choices in its leadership, religious, economic and political philosophy, it is doomed to have the vast majority of its people essentially eking out a living in Stone Age conditions ruled over by a few ruthless, tyrannical black leaders and their legions of crony autocrats who, since the end of the white Colonial Period (1960), have continuously plundered and pillaged Africa’s vast natural resources while the people live in virtual voluntary slavery conditions – faceless, soulless proletariat cogs of a vast Marxist socialist state machinery that slowly grinds to death the people’s collective dreams, hopes and their pursuits of happiness.

There is virtually no free-market capitalism in Africa, no moral republics based on natural law, justice, truth, God and the original intent of America’s constitutional framers. Without these basic precepts of civilization existing throughout Africa, how can the words of our greatest president, George Washington, come to pass in Africa? – It is impossible to rightly govern [any] nation without God and the Bible.

Mrs. Vaught’s sixth-grade class (circa 1972)

As little boy of 11, I was fascinated by that large, magnificent globe in Mrs. Vaught’s sixth-grade classroom at Lillibridge Elementary School on the east side of Detroit. They don’t make globes that big, heavy, that well-made anymore. I remember looking at the huge countries in Africa and then looking up thousands of miles to the north at the relatively small countries in Europe, wondering in my heart: How in the world did such small countries populated mostly by whites completely conquer and dominate the vast lands of Africa, formerly known as “the Dark Continent,” populated by blacks during the Colonial Period (1885-1960)?

If I, as an ignorant little black boy from the ghettos of Detroit, could ask such questions 40 years ago, why can’t our Ph.D. liberals answer such questions today?

Spring Arbor University

I’ve just completed teaching a history class on Africa at Spring Arbor University. My students – Kai Mason, Diane Bradley and Danard Harvard – are very smart individuals, and I think they learned a lot about the continent. However, there were many more things I wanted to teach them about Africa but didn’t have time in our five short weeks together, including some exceedingly valuable lessons we can all learn not only about Africa, but about black America, about socialist America and ourselves.

In a recent article, “Letter to Generation X,” I wrote the following passage about that long, shameful and tragic history of slavery in Africa:

An enduring leitmotiv of this letter is the paradox of voluntary slavery – black Americans having been perpetual victims of slavery – first intertribal slavery (dating back to antiquity), Arab and Muslim trafficking of Africans (seventh century–present), European slavery (1450-1900), Colonialism Period (1880-1960) and finally the most unnoticeable, thus the most evil form of bondage, voluntary slavery, which ironically originated during the Civil Rights era of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement (1955-70).

It was the notoriously racist president Lyndon Baines Johnson who co-opted MLK and the Civil Rights movement and put forth the Goebbels-like Big Lie that the federal government granted civil rights to black Americans – unalienable rights which every human being already possessed from birth under natural law and the U.S. Constitution.

If American political history has taught us anything, it is that socialists, progressives and their legions in the Democratic Party are indissolubly wedded to fascism in all of its many euphemisms and incarnations – democracy, liberalism, progressivism, Marxism, socialism, positivism, relativism, feminism, affirmative action, gay rights, midget rights – or whatever nitwit liberals call politics; it is all part of the same giant hypocrisy specifically designed from the beginning to divide, conquer and enslave We the People; to make citizens (of whatever country in question) voluntary slaves to an ever-expanding socialist government that is antithetical to our Judeo-Christian traditions, natural law, capitalism, logic, the original intent of America’s Founding Fathers and humanity’s eternal yearning to be free.

The Muslim menace

Africa is essentially divided into two parts: North Africa is dominated by Muslim and Arab nations, and over the centuries Islam has spread by blood and the sword precipitously southward toward “black Africa” or Sub-Saharan Africa, which is south of the so-called Sahel boundary. The fallout from the growing Muslim menace in Africa has recently been featured in the headline “Sudan Celebrates Becoming a Nation, Prepares to Overcome Challenges.”

Why does Africa need yet another country? Because Islamic hegemony in that region literally caused the Muslim North Sudan’s genocide of the Darfur civil war (approaching 500,000 murders since 2003) and other atrocities perpetrated against the largely Christian and Animist South Sudan, a very poor country the size of Texas with only 100 miles of paved roads.


The great German scientist Albert Einstein once defined insanity in this manner: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” According to 2010 statistics, nine the top 10 poorest countries are African countries with an annual GDP per capita income below $800 U.S. dollars.

If Africa is to survive and thrive, then three things must occur: 1) All of the murderous Marxist-socialist tyrants of the past must be vilified, forced from office and judged for their crimes against humanity; 2) Have African tribal and crony political and Marxist economic systems replaced by free-market capitalism throughout the continent; 3) Africa must turn from its tribal, pagan, witchcraft and Muslim traditions, repent and turn to the Lord, for if the trillions paid to “help” Africa from United Nations, European and American aid just since 1960 hasn’t put Africa on the road to prosperity, then only the Lord can save any nation.

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