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The summer of lies

Last Friday, Anders Breivik, the man who will probably come to be known as “The Scandinavian Timothy McVeigh,” killed 76 people in and around Oslo, Norway, by setting off an explosive device in the capital’s downtown, then gunning down young campers at a nearby island retreat. It will take some time to determine Breivik’s specific beef, as it were, but it appears that the influence of socialism and multiculturalism in Norway was the impetus for his killing spree.

Although the European press initially described Breivik as a Christian fundamentalist with right-wing views, they are now admitting that there is no proof linking Breivik to any religious or right-wing extremist group.

I’m sure you’re surprised.

The sociopolitical atrocities perpetrated by leftists who insinuated themselves into the power structure of Western nations in recent decades may indeed be the motivation for the Norwegian spree killer. It is painfully evident that the political left has essentially destroyed Europe culturally and economically; they have also made inroads into American politics unimagined in 1950. Thus, these developments also served to catalyze the conservative resurgence in America over the last few years.

Now, wait a minute. Am I actually lending credence to liberals’ contentions that conservative activists (such as tea-party members) are potentially violent? No – what I am saying is that those who have resorted to violence display an antisocial reaction to the same stimulus that motivates nonviolent patriots. I would also add that it’s the reason the left anticipates such behavior from the right; they have a collective guilty conscience. In terms of politics in America, however, the left still has the right outdone as regards perpetrating violent acts.

Vis-à-vis the policies and practices that give birth to such madmen, this is what we are witnessing right now in America, and in spades. The clash in Washington over the debt ceiling is a stunning representation of circumstances coming to a head, reaching a fork in the road and probably several other maxims.

Between 2008 and 2010, Americans by the millions realized that we’ve been on a suicidal course of spending and socialist encroachment for decades, and that our complacency had a good deal to do with facilitating this. So, a lot of people became politically engaged. Congressional Republicans – a handful of them, at least – are taking the course mandated by the 2010 midterm election: Cut spending and shrink government.

Congressional Democrats simply can’t let this happen; they are hard-wired to spend and grow government, and reducing spending would throw a wrench in the president’s plan to finish America off as an economically viable nation. Allowing the GOP to have their way would be like punching a hole in one’s gas tank. Since Democrats have little else besides fear and class warfare with which to influence Americans, they have compensated by delivering their message with increasing vociferousness.

On Monday evening, President Obama appealed to the American people regarding the debt-ceiling negotiations. I imagine this is because smooth talking is the president’s only skill, and he figures that he still has a shot at influencing us if he just runs his mouth some more.

After the boilerplate window dressing and flowery pap concerning how we’re still the greatest nation on Earth and it’s time for us to rise to the occasion, Obama once again put forth the idea that Democrats might be able to hold their noses and make spending cuts, but that the burden will have to be “shared.” This is, of course, Newspeak for raising taxes, which will be sold as “soaking the rich.”

Very interesting when you consider how wealthy Obama and some of these senators and congressmen actually are.

The president has declared that measures which were horribly imprudent when he was a senator (such as raising the debt ceiling) are now imperatives. While socialism’s useful idiots might raise their fists in solidarity, more and more Americans are raising their eyebrows in disbelief. If we didn’t need it then, we certainly don’t need it now. We weren’t spending $3 trillion a year when the economy was booming; why is it necessary to do so at this juncture?

The American people are sold. The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically.

– President Obama, July 15, 2011

Obama has also developed a habit of citing the American people’s tacit approval of aspects of his agenda, when most would find difficulty discerning such approval. When such measures become contentious, the president asserts that the American people “want” it, and surmises that his detractors’ capitulation will necessarily follow. Were he to decide that he wanted to drill holes in all of our heads, he would simply state that this is what the American people wanted.

Then, there was the shameless and colossal lie: claiming that the government would not be able to meet entitlement and payroll obligations on Aug. 3 if the debt ceiling issue were not resolved. Widespread and unprecedented demonization of former President Bush by the left hinged on one alleged falsehood (weapons of mass destruction in Iraq), yet this man spews lies like it’s an autonomic function of his physiology.

I dare say that novelist George Orwell has probably broken the sound barrier, spinning in his grave.