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Niagara Falls

Thanks to a “rich person” – a “job creator” – I got to enjoy this free view of Niagara Falls from my free hotel room on the 29th floor of the Fallsview Casino Resort where I got to perform comedy and music with Joe Piscopo and Don Novello last week and get paid, by the “rich person,” aka “job creator.”

Joe, Don and me.

This war in the capital right now is a war between communism and capitalism. If Obama calls the “rich jet owners” evil or greedy one more time, I will explode.

Rich people are job creators … whether they mean to be or not. Don’t people with mansions need employees, accountants, lawyers, gardeners, decorators, lots of plumbers, assistants, maids, cooks, dog walkers and comedians?

Obama the Marxist quoted the Communist Manifesto when he said, “Spread the wealth.”

Communists “spread the wealth” by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor – over-taxation, fees, fines, over-regulation. Communists don’t have a middle class. Everyone is poor except the elite: Reid, Pelosi, Jarrett, czars and Dictator.

Capitalists “spread the wealth” by creating jobs for the poor who then have the opportunity to work their way up to being the boss and the job creator themselves. This is motivating, an incentive to work hard and do your best.

I’d rather “spread the wealth” with capitalism.

The movie industry can only happen in a capitalistic system. That’s why Michael Moore and I are happy we were born in America because we love to be in movies. My latest role was in the romantic comedy “Marriage Retreat,” release date Aug. 23, 2011. (Available at, local Christian book stores,,, Blockbuster) David A. White, the producer, is the perfect example of the joys and opportunities of capitalism. He used to be “poor” and now he is a “job creator” – and he gave me a job! Yay!


David A. White’s dad was a Mennonite preacher. David had electricity and a TV, but was not allowed to dance, smoke, drink or go to movies. David says, “I became a Christian at age 4. I turned from my wicked ways and decided to walk the straight and narrow – but seriously, I actually remember coming to the Lord then and starting my long walk with Him.”

His parents were quite shocked when he decided to go to Hollywood to be an actor, but “my father told me the coolest thing a dad could say: ‘Son, we support you wherever you go, as long as you follow the Lord’s leading.'”

David got his first acting job, on the Burt Reynolds sit com “Evening Shade,” after only six months in Los Angeles. He was 19. Burt created the role for him and it lasted four years.

David says, “If you can make a living doing what you love, that is a blessing. The Lord, over the years grew a seed in my heart to make faith-based films. I’d been acting in them since I was 20. He kept giving me films in this genre. I became interested in other facets of filmmaking. It’s an honor to be doing films that honor Him.” David now not only acts, but writes, directs, edits and produces.

David met his beautiful wife of eight years, actress Andrea Logan White, at church in Malibu. “She tried to run away from me for a year and a half but I persisted, and the Lord blessed me.” They have been in five films together so far, and she was part of the creation of “Marriage Retreat.” Their children are 5-year-old Ethan and 1-year-old Ocean.

“Marriage Retreat” is about three couples who think they are going to a 5-star resort to have fun but end up at a physically and spiritually rigorous retreat that puts their marriages back on the right track, under God.

My character co-stars with Jeff Fahey (“Lost,” “Silverado,” “Miami Vice,” etc.) as the owners and counselors of this marriage retreat. While we help others, we are working on our own marriage.

I’ll be working with David and Andrea again on the upcoming GMC movie “Brotha White” where I play “the mother in law”!

Obama’s idea of “rich people” is anyone who makes $250,000 per year. I must say that is not “rich” to a small-business owner. (I hate this whole class-warfare thing. It reeks of covetousness.) But, Obama is a Marxist. Marxists don’t even believe in private property  So, I guess to a communist, $250,000 is a lot of money (for the other people to have.)

In the U.S. now, the wealthiest 1 percent of the population earn 19 per­cent of the income but pay 37 percent of the income tax. The top 10 percent pay 68 percent of the tab. Thank you, “rich people.”

I asked David A. White, my “job creator,” if he thinks it’s more difficult for a Christian to be successful as an actor than a non-Christian. He said, “Sure, on the one side, the roles are limited that we can take, but on the other side, we are followers of the most high God, so we can’t really complain now, can we?” Amen.

Here’s a home video of me backstage at Fallsview Casino Resort. Thank you, Lord, for “rich people.”

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