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Our government's self-indulgent orgy

Gosh, the federal government has doubled in size since 2001. And 2001 had already doubled since 1985. Which had already doubled since 1977. Which had already doubled since 1972.

So many self-induced doublings, like a demented amoeba run amok in the D.C. pond, and “our elected representatives” could not find one single thing to cut from the federal credit-card spending. Not one thing. Nothing.

So they formed a committee.

But they sure did raise the debt ceiling “right now” so they could borrow more from tomorrow and spend it today. That happens immediately. Not only that, but Congress just couldn’t wait to hand over the next debt-ceiling increase to the executive – a man who by his own admission lacks the natural born citizen qualification required to hold the office he now occupies. This Congress has real respect for constitutional limits, don’t you think?

The new crop of freshmen said how grateful they were for being educated by the old hands in Congress. “You just don’t know what you don’t know,” one said, speaking for the freshman class. You still don’t.

It’s hard to believe that America got on just fine before our bloated federal government doubled in size. In fact, most of us got on better than today. Back during the early doublings, we had real manufacturing jobs, a real middle class, and our public “servants” had some concept of what that term implied.

I was able to attend college in California as a resident for the cost of textbooks plus a few bucks for administrative overhead. That’s because taxes paid for education, not procreation by the uneducated. Today, you’d have to be an illegal alien in California to qualify for the deal I got as a mere citizen way back then.

Little girls didn’t need a license to open a lemonade stand on a hot day. Forest bureaucrats didn’t tell us we couldn’t cut down our own trees, then tax us to put out the inevitable summer fires (timber sales funded the schools). And the EPA hadn’t yet mandated the extinction of humanity to clean up the air and water so it would look pretty when the next big volcano erupts.

But hey! What do you expect for $3.8 trillion a year? And 40 percent of it borrowed? Apparently “our elected representatives” think the nations loaning us the money for this inane government’s self-indulgent orgy will never tire of watching the soap opera of a once-great nation being led over the cliff by fools and psychopaths with law degrees.

Only government elected officials can look you in the eye and with a straight face characterize a spending freeze as a cut. “Gosh, we’re awfully sorry, Mrs. Affirmative Action Bloated Budget Manager, but that extra 5 percent increase in your budget that you need to provide more worthless, unconstitutional programs for the politically favored – well, we had to take that out of your budget this fall, and so you will only get the 5 percent increase you already have approved.”

Do these morons actually believe that more government jobs, more federal regulation and more new departments are what is going to return our economy to prosperity? Are they that mind-numbingly stupid?

All of this has been covered before. So has the way back to prosperity. The fact is, D.C. doesn’t care.

Do you get it, America? They don’t care.