“America will be saved from power addicted politicians who refuse to give up their spending habit only when Americans decide to give up the habit of electing them.”

Despite the obligatory flap that accompanied their sham political tussle, the twin parties finally increased the debt ceiling, which was from the outset their shared objective. They flap at each other like the opposing wings of a bird – in this case a carrion bird determined to feast upon the fresh corpse of America’s constitutional republic. The so-called major parties are wings of the same elitist faction – a clique of power that tacitly claims allegiance from the controlling elements of both. These elements include not only the formal party leaders, but also the corporate and individual money movers on whom they rely; the ones who prime the political pump that gives them access to the deep well of government money and regulatory power.

From the perspective of people sincerely concerned about the deadly consequences of the elite faction’s multi-trillion dollar spending spree, the result was, of course, far worse than nothing. The elite faction prevaricators want us to believe that, saved from default, America’s good faith and credit has been preserved. In reality, the spectacle confirmed the utter inability of America’s political leadership to curtail the political imperative that drives them to guzzle a gargantuan stream of public resources. Their political machines feed on debt and false promises – new spending today, deodorized with windy promises of all the restraint tomorrow will bring. But as the song says, tomorrow never comes. What sensible observer fails to realize that by postponing the fiscal day of collapse in this fashion they simply demonstrate the cause that makes it inevitable?

Of course, this incompetent debacle is exactly what anyone who read and understood the various articles I’ve written about the sham party system expected. If predictive value lends credence to the accuracy of a theory, both the laughably characterized “historic deal” and the transparently phony shadow boxing that preceded it surely earn some bragging rights for the view of the current party system I have developed here and in articles on my blog.

In May I wrote, “As a vehicle for representative government, the New Deal paradigm for politics has utterly failed the American people. It produces results that put government power in the hands of an oligarchic clique bent on consolidating their control of practically every aspect of America’s life.” That observation was part of a discussion of the sham two-party system. I introduced it with a reference to a report out of China about the birth of “conjoined twin girls with a single body and two heads.” In a previous piece published here in April, I suggested that Americans “should focus on the fact that the supposedly titanic battle between the Democrats and the Republicans is much ado about almost nothing.”

In one important respect, however, I was entirely mistaken. The partisan farce wasn’t just much ado about almost nothing. In fact, if allowed to stand, the only concrete outcome of the otherwise pantomime process deserves to be call “historic,” but in the desperately bad sense that it may have produced the first audible death rattle of representative government in the United States. I’m referring, of course, to the so-called “super committee devised as cover for the implementation of Mitch McConnell’s scheme to wrest the initiative in fiscal matters from the representatives of the people in the House. In effect, this super committee will function as a budget politburo, meant to assure that for the foreseeable future a little clique of elite faction fellow travelers usurp in fiscal matters the legislative role of the body that most nearly represents the people.

I believe that this mechanism inaugurates a process that is meant to place Congress on the road to extinction. It will cease in any real sense to be a legislative body. It will become an administrative appendage, providing window dressing for a politburo style of government increasingly emancipated from any control, involvement or effective influence by the people. If the would-be dictators have their way, the super committee is just a transitional figment meant to provide a cover of legitimacy while constitutional self-government is replaced by an apparatus of elite factional dictatorship.

It is, of course, no accident that this bid to usurp the legislature’s prerogative takes place with a committed Marxist in the White House, steeped in an ideology that sees dictatorship as an inevitable stage of human history. The overthrow of the constitutional system could not be accomplished if the White House were occupied by a president committed to upholding the Constitution. Instead we have a leftist politician eager to ride the wave of history that washes it away. Just as there are times of crisis when the leading thinkers of the founding generation expected the presidency to take on some of the qualities of the dictators of the ancient Roman Republic, so also there are times when to save the republic the president is supposed to act in the guise of another officer of that ancient regime, the tribune of the people.

As we saw during the “debt ceiling” farce, the leaders of the elitist faction sought to terrorize people with the false prospect of an inevitable debt default. Actually, it was only inevitable because they refuse to curtail their spending addiction. But the false specter they conjured is being exploited to introduce a dictatorial mechanism into the budgeting process. In ancient Rome, when the elite faction falsely abused power in this way, it was the function of the tribunes to intervene in order to preserve the authority and right of the people.

As true and sincere small “r” republicans across the country digest their dismay and revulsion at the deep betrayal of responsible self-government we have just witnessed, I hope and pray that they will look past the symptomatic issues of debt and spending in order to focus on the dire political purpose that is driving them. The mouthpieces and media hacks of the elitist faction have us staring at the ceiling so we won’t notice that from its very foundations, the house is being torn down. In its place a new structure is already being erected, one with no room in it for the sovereign people of the United States.

What is to be done? The elitists by hook and crook maneuvered a willing usher of dictatorship into the White House. In 2012 the people have the opportunity to replace the chosen tool of elite tyranny with someone whom they raise up to be a tribune of the people, wholeheartedly dedicated to using the presidency to rebuild and preserve their constitutional authority. But, as the debt-ceiling farce makes plain, the so-called major political parties are intrinsically bound together to pursue the goals and purposes of the elitist faction. I know that some people still hope against hope that the Republican Party can be a venue for the emergence of a true champion of the constitutional sovereignty of the American people. But every day new events make it clear that the GOP will not be reformed until and unless the fellow travelers of the elitist faction who now dominate it have been defeated, unequivocally, in a manner that cannot be mistaken or denied.

In that regard, it may be helpful to recall that the people responsible for the original Tea Party in Boston were not only or even mainly concerned with the money the tea tax was to purloin from their purses. They rejected the tyrannical mode of government by which the tax was imposed. They threw the tea (a very popular drink in Boston at the time) into the Harbor to make it clear that they would rather give up the pleasures and conveniences of life than accept a mode of government that deprived them of their right of self-government.

We suffer now from a way of doing politics that is destroying the institutions of constitutional self-government those original patriots successfully established. To begin with, they were willing to give up a sociable habit that was being exploited in order to undermine their God-endowed right to govern themselves. Ultimately, they risked their property, their lives, their all to sustain their just claim to self-government. Thanks to the success of their sacrifice, we still have an opportunity to restore the legacy of liberty they began; but only if we face the truth: We must kick our addiction to the twin-party sham; prove that we have the discipline, clarity and courage to go cold turkey. And do it in a fashion so grand and unmistakable that we will finally convince ourselves. To achieve this goal, people acting in the true Tea Party spirit will have to focus with laser-like intensity on one political goal between now and Election Day in 2012 – to throw the twin parties overboard; withdraw from the theater of their manipulation; and organize to elect a tribune of the people to the White House who professes no partisan allegiance but to the Creator God and the right by which He made us free.

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