The president has a list of accomplishments that includes many “firsts.” And the hits just keep coming.

Of course, all 300 million of us were proud to see America elect the first-ever half African-American president. It’s an accomplishment of which all of us should be proud. It forever changed the debate on opportunity in our nation.

Then Mr. Obama established a new office. It was a first in political history. He created the Office of the President Elect, complete with its unique presidential seal. The office was mocked by some and embraced by others. Nevertheless, it was a first.

In one of his first gestures as the most powerful man on Earth, who could forget his gracious gift to her majesty the queen: an iPod. Once again, he showed the scope and depth of his deep-thinking abilities as the token replaced the tradition of historical artifacts being the gift of choice for foreign dignitaries.

The apology tour throughout the world, seasoned with incendiary rhetoric, was a presidential first. The world watched for the first time as an American in high political office asked forgiveness for our actions – the very actions that have pulled millions out of tyranny and brought prosperity and stability to tens of millions.

Bowing to leaders in the Middle and Far East was quite a unique expression of respect from our president of many firsts. I will always remember the image of Mr. Obama almost taking a knee in front of the Saudi king. One would think he was being knighted.

Keep in mind, of course, when one of our strongest allies, Israel, visited the White House, another first of sorts made the record books. Benjamin Netanyahu was escorted in the back door like a servant and remanded to a waiting room while the president dined with his family. It was a first again: making a head of state and partner of America wait on his majesty, Barack Hussein Obama.

Juxtaposing the bowing to a devout Islamic leader with the impolite, at best, treatment of a Jewish leader lends credibility to the suspicions of Mr. Obama’s allegiances. But I digress.

Most beneficiaries of an inheritance look forward to the day the will is read. Very few, if any, heirs reject the estate. Our president of “firsts” had a different reaction. After campaigning for two-and-a-half years to get the inheritance of the helm of our nation, our president complained about what he had received.

The recession, financial crisis and domestic turmoil were apparent for all to see during the campaign, yet Mr. Obama used the word “inherited” as a constant excuse for why he could not do his job. Of course, we witnessed no such complaints over the luxury airplane, huge residence complete with servants, the posh soirees or extravagant holidays that came with the inheritance.

Time and space do not allow rehashing all the president’s famous firsts. However, some stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

The recent “hip-hop” barbecue held at the people’s house was a sight to behold, according to attendees. The White House was turned into Barack and Michelle’s private home as the first couple and friends danced barefoot in the Rose Garden, washing away for the first time any decorum of the people’s house and the functions for which it was built.

Of course, the budget and debt-ceiling battle made way for another first: presidential threats that seniors would not receive Social Security checks, even though there was ample money to do so. That is a first no one could have ever predicted. Inferences to Social Security have been used by politicians for years, earning Social Security the title of the “third rail” of American politics. But Mr. Obama was the first to use fear in such a direct and unqualified manner – especially considering the reality was quite different.

Despite all his “firsts,” the crowning achievement of Barack Hussein Obama has to be standing by while America lost its gold-plated, triple-A credit status. This is a first for which every American will bear the burden. Speeches, to quote the CBO, cannot be scored. Even Mr. Obama’s oratory skills could not prevent the downgrade after he ran up $4 trillion of new debt in less than three years.

Mr. Obama and his defenders will blame it on the tea party and the Republicans. The media, in their ongoing love affair, will spin the blame toward everything and everyone but the president. However, Harry Truman would tell you, “The buck stops” at the president’s desk. The plaque stating those exact words should be sent to Mr. Obama’s desk in the Oval Office from the Truman library.

This president has many firsts. Unfortunately, only one qualifies for the pride of the nation. The others deserve a place in our national embarrassment and collective shame.

This president has been just that – an embarrassment. He came to office with a message of hope, one that should have been assured when America showed its modern thinking in picking a leader. That confidence was squandered.

It was squandered by a man whose arrogance knows no bounds, whose constant campaigning has proven him to be a great politician, yet a horrible leader. He’s a man who would rather give a speech than lead.

As I have said before, the happiest man in America must be James Earl Carter. Soon, hopefully as soon as November 2012, he will be replaced by Barack Hussein Obama as the worst president in America’s history.

Once again adding to his list of “firsts,” Obama will take the mantel of the “worst” from a man who allowed America to be taken hostage and who presided over 16 percent inflation, prompting his famous malaise speech. He was a president America could not get rid of fast enough.

The only other “first” many of us would welcome would be a change of direction by the ideologue known as Barack Obama. That would take a first from Mr. Obama’s repertoire: bravery and humility.

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