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Ordinary citizens need to immediately wake up and wage war to preserve the American way of life because President Obama isn’t doing anything to protect it, claims the author of a brand-new book looking to prevent Islamic law from taking over the nation.

“Each and every one of us is a general in this war,” says Pamela Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.”

“We must fight it because our leaders are not fighting it. The Obama election was the triumph of style over substance, collectivism over capitalism, statism over individualism, the moron over the informed. The stealth jihadists have cover to advance more than ever. The stealth jihadists have targeted our very way of life.”

The official release date for “Stop
the Islamization of America” is Sept. 6, but you can get your
autographed copy weeks in advance by pre-ordering directly from WND.

Geller, publisher of the popular, says because America is now in a homefront conflict, and has been since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, citizens’ approach to life must change.

“Every day when you wake up and throw your legs over the bed and wipe the sleep from your eyes, ask yourself, ‘What am I going to do today to save the Republic? What can I do today in the defense of freedom?'”

Geller is urging those who love the U.S. to plan, learn as much as possible, educate others and create networks of people in each neighborhood.

“You are the freedom cop on the beat in your neighborhood,” she writes. “Where you see freedom threatened, fight back. If Shariah law is being introduced in the court room, if your kid’s schoolbooks whitewash bloody Islamic history, if a mega-mosque is going up in a place not zoned for such things and the supremacists need laws changed to accommodate them, fight back. I will help you.”

She tells citizens to get behind candidates who understand the threat, and even in social activities, “try to fuse your work with your leisure activities. Instead of going to a movie, go hear a scholar or activist on Islamic supremacism speak. Form a group, and try to bring people to your area to speak to your group … . Instead of that card game, protest an antiwar rally. Instead of a tennis game, march against the Million Muslim March in Washington, D.C. You will meet like-minded people whom you’ll enjoy talking to and being with, while increasing your reach and expanding your own personal network.”

As far as what to do specifically, Geller suggests:

  • Be proud and unabashed in your love of country.

  • Know your Constitution and read The Federalist Papers.

  • Read anything by Ayn Rand that you can get your hands on.

  • Never back down or be cowed by the liars, destroyers, and radicals.

  • Always carry an American flag. This is what you are fighting to defend, and it should always have a prized and central place in all your demonstrations and protests.

  • Focus on the links that the Islamic supremacists who are organizing the initiative that you are protesting almost certainly have to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization dedicated to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.” Most mosques in the U.S. have some Brotherhood links.

  • Focus on the ties to terror groups and Islamic supremacist groups that Islamic leaders or the organizers of the mosque or other Islamic initiative that you are protesting also almost certainly have.

  • Carry signs with their pictures and their ties to jihad killers.

  • Focus on the organizers of the local mosque, or whatever you’re protesting, in their refusal to condemn jihad terror groups, as they almost certainly will.

  • Be wherever your opponents are. Mosque organizers will probably have to approach zoning boards, building permit committees, and the like. If you are protesting against a mosque, make an effort to show up at any and every public hearing where the mosque issue is raised in whatever context. Be ready to counter their deceptive explanations of who they are and what they plan with verifiable facts about their ties to Islamic supremacist and jihad groups and individuals. Be sure to be unfailingly polite, courteous, and respectful at these meetings, and make no assertions that cannot be verified.

  • Gain access to and study all public documents associated with every mosque project or other Islamic supremacist initiative. There is a wealth of information to be gained on just exactly who is involved in real estate transactions, and almost all of it is public record.

  • Get appointments with legislators who are involved in making concessions to Shariah and accommodating Islamic supremacist demands.

  • Never allow yourself to be physically or intellectually intimidated. Never back down. On matters of principle, never give an inch. Square your shoulders, put your chin up, look ’em in the eyes, and let them know that you will not be cowed, and will never give up and never give in.

  • Join Stop Islamization of America. Join on Facebook and subscribe at We will keep you informed on pro-freedom initiatives and give you ongoing tips on how to fight the battle for freedom in your own area and in your own way.

Note: The official release date for “Stop
the Islamization of America” is Sept. 6, but you can get your
autographed copy weeks in advance by pre-ordering directly from WND.

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