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Hysterical leftist rhetoric? Thank Marx

Let us not be surprised that the rhetoric of Democratic politicians, the establishment press, union bosses, career civil-rights activists, actors, rappers and assorted liberal miscreants has taken a foray into the realm of the truly bizarre. Yes, it is stupefying that some of these individuals have the temerity to say what they’ve been saying in public lately, let alone with a straight face. Let us neither be surprised that a segment of our population is either so intellectually indolent or thoroughly indoctrinated that they receive these words without laughing themselves into a hernia.

In recent weeks, liberals have charged that Republicans and conservatives want to destroy America, burn and blow things up, starve old people and children, and lay waste to our economy. The tea-party movement has been blamed for the downgrade in America’s credit rating by Democratic leaders at the highest levels, a most absurd calumny since the machinations behind said downgrade were in progress long before the tea party came to be.

While liberal charges against conservatives have always been on the inane side, lately they’ve been right off of a preschool playground. Calling American patriots Hitlerites, comparing them to history’s worst tyrants and mass murderers (I wouldn’t be surprised if Sen. Kerry’s “Jenjis Khan” made an appearance sometime soon) – it’s the shock value that’s calculated to drive people into a frenzy of irrational fear. Just examine how socialist factions have historically demonized the opposition in order to harden citizens to the final solutions these regimes eventually come up with; you will easily see the parallel to what is occurring in America.

Thus, it is not out of character for Marxist thugs to engage in Marxist thug techniques to win hearts and minds, albeit by intimidation, fear and deceit. Although we’ve not seen this sort of thing in America previously, it’s all boilerplate stuff. Such methods as planting fake news stories and using social media to launch the crudest attacks upon their enemies are old, tried-and-true Marxist devices for tipping the scales of popular opinion in their favor, despite their utilizing relatively new technology and venues. It also should be no surprise that their tone is often profane, since this has always been the level at which many of their number operate.

And it is completely consistent that despite his flowery (if decidedly insubstantial) oratory, everything our precious First Black President Barack Hussein Obama does appears to be calculated to drive us deeper into the pit of economic ruin – because it is.

Don’t be stunned that such a relative few appear to notice just how bad things are. Millions of those who might rally to our side are still keyed into the not-so-Big Three news organizations, the worst purveyors of propaganda in America. Do you wonder why the press doesn’t “do its job” and relate the violence now taking place in Europe to their policies – ones that are currently being rammed down our throats? As an active arm of the subversive machine that’s been dedicatedly laboring to usher America into a socialist paradise, why would they? This is why the press routinely ignores stories that ought to be front-page news – why, for example, they fail to report an uptick in black-on-white crimes connected to the advent of criminal “flash mobs” terrorizing American cities.

Why doesn’t the press accurately report who is responsible for the morass of dysfunction in which our economy flounders, or how bad things really are in our border states, or why people rallied to preserve Republican pre-eminence in the state of Wisconsin? Because their comrades-in-arms would be implicated – that’s why.

Complicity is why the press has attempted to convince those unaware millions that their only worry ought to be some nonexistent radical-right faction that wants to go back to the days of segregation, oil lamps and square wheels. Why, even those guys who knocked down the Twin Towers back in 2001 – assuming George Bush and Dick Cheney didn’t dynamite them, of course – well, they were just trying to make a political statement, you see; probably didn’t think anyone was even in those buildings.

Finally, if Americans remain unaware of how fragile civilized society actually can be, they will be caught unawares when civil unrest rears its ugly head in their neighborhoods – which is exactly where the left want us. So, between the press and this administration, which uses every means of diversion to draw our eyes away from their dark designs, there are really no bombshells here.

It’s evil, and it’s scary – but it shouldn’t be surprising.

Leftist power players did not expect Americans to fight for their liberty; it is no wonder at all that the voice of desperation is shrill and deceitful. Like the movie villain, finally cornered and unarmed, he begs for mercy, yet his shifty eyes dart about, seeking a way that he might still sucker the hero, turn the tables and undo him without mercy.

So let’s not be suckered. This ain’t the movies.