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Obama voters wilding – worldwide

Obama voters worldwide are running wild. In England, America’s parent country, mobs of “youths” have taken to burning down shops, businesses, cars and buses, and beating anyone who gets in their way or tries to put out their fires. I guess they think there will be more for everyone when there’s nothing left.

In Greece, Italy and the rest of the euro-zone’s bankrupt socialist paradise, everyone riots at the mere suggestion that retirements can’t be as generous as previously promised if the nation’s loans are to be repaid.

Here in America, gangs of “youths” – if that’s what you’d call racist teenage gang-bangers – drag white people from their cars and beat them as they leave the Wisconsin State Fair. “Flash mobs” – if that’s what you’d call racist teenage gang-bangers – flood into stores and empty the shelves, while the police hang out at the local doughnut shop (which is always well-protected).

In Europe the divisions are more along state lines: Germany has been paying for the European Union’s communist insanity and socialist rule making, but is now balking at the bill. The Mediterranean countries have been spending the cash the Germans have saved for retirement, and are now balking at the repayment terms.

Hmm … I wonder how the borrowing countries thought that with a negative birthrate, they could “grow” their way out of demographic doomsday. Is that why they wanted lots of immigrants? Perhaps that’s outsourcing procreation? Unfortunately for them, the immigrants they outsourced to weren’t the kind who start business and employ people. Instead, they live off the taxes paid by those who still do (the latter being truly a dying breed).

So who are all these violent, disenchanted people? In a word (two, actually), Obama voters. Nationality, you see, is irrelevant when one votes for a god.

Here at home, with the economy poised to nosedive from recession into depression, 40 percent of Americans still support Obama’s job performance. (It makes you wonder what they think his job is.) Call them the Mediterranean-minded: Public-employee unions. Education unions. College students living on government loans and food stamps. Welfare recipients. Illegal immigrants. You know, the 40 percent of the population the nation depends on to pay its bills.

All these groups made big gains during boom times while the private sector grew. Raises, retirements, benefits and bonuses. Repeat and rinse. But when it comes time to take their lumps – as the private sector has during the downturn – all hell breaks loose. “Downsizing and pay cuts! Are you nuts?”

Government, you see, has made an unspoken promise to its dependents: It can never get smaller. It only gets bigger. “Cuts” are reductions in the rate of growth; not layoffs, downsizing and being booted off the public teat. Government can only deliver more and more “services” to more and more people, forever and ever, amen.

Except when it can’t. When the money is gone, the party is over. And when the party ends, the rioting begins.

The borrowing nations aren’t communist; they’re “social democracies.” And Obama isn’t communist; he just hates capitalism.

The muffled shotgun blasts that you’ve heard over the past couple of years were Obama out duck hunting when the golden goose flew overhead. “Fetch, Fido! We got the big one!” But don’t worry: We can always borrow more money, and our own crop of dependents will “grow” us out of this economic downturn. Won’t they?