The world has been riveted by the riots in London over the past week. The degree of lawlessness, violence, looting, assault, arson, murder and every other conceivable vice has been appalling. Centuries-old buildings have been gutted. Innocent people have been killed.

What I find fascinating is how hard the progressive media has worked to excuse it all. The verbal gymnastics necessary to twist horror into pity for the “protesters” is astounding.

“The violence on the streets is being dismissed as ‘pure criminality,’ as the work of a ‘violent minority,’ as ‘opportunism,'” sniffs blogger Laurie Penny. “This is madly insufficient. It is no way to talk about viral civil unrest. Angry young people with nothing to do and little to lose are turning on their own communities, and they cannot be stopped, and they know it. Tonight, in one of the greatest cities in the world, society is ripping itself apart.”

And why do these angry feral youths have “nothing to do”? It’s simple: They’ve been spoon-fed government entitlements for their entire lives. They have no skills, no education, no motivation, no aspirations. Since they’ve never had to work for what they needed but instead have received everything for free, they have nothing to do.

The feral youth of today are the product of sometimes multiple generations of welfare. They are not motivated to cultivate job skills of any sort because they already receive free money. The only job training most of these recipients are motivated to acquire is how to work the system and receive additional, unending benefits … perhaps by having multiple illegitimate children through multiple men, or claiming disability where none exists, or some other sly and underhanded technique.

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It is difficult for these feral youth to find jobs because no one will hire them. Employers are kind of fussy about requiring employees to show up on time, be dependable, dress appropriately, have clean language and otherwise demonstrate a work ethic. Feral youth seldom have a work ethic. They were not raised with one. Therefore they have nothing to do but riot when the opportunity presents itself.

This isn’t unique to Britain, of course. Here in America we’re seeing increasing incidences of flash mobs and other examples of social chaos. The perpetrators are just as feral as the mobs in London. And just as with Britain’s mobs, the participating youth are feral because they were made that way. They were cultivated through dependency.

While the original intent of welfare was compassionate (preventing the poor from starving), the useful-idiot progressives just cannot get over the fact that the ideal has gone astray. Welfare was never meant to support generations of strong and able-bodied young people in the prime working years of their lives. But it has, and the result is millions of people unable and unwilling to take responsibility for their lives. Why should they? They get free money.

Free money is like a drug. You’ll do anything to continue getting it. You’ll lie, cheat, steal, murder and riot to get your “fix.” You’ll produce endless numbers of fatherless children who grow up on the dole and know no other life. The poison of dependency extends for generations. A government that creates a dependent class through the addiction to easy money is no better than a drug pusher creating addicted clients. It leaves unimaginable chaos and heartbreak in its wake.

“We witnessed the very beneficiaries of government largesse exhibiting their gratitude as they stole from an already beaten and bloodied man and forced people to strip naked to prove they’d not withheld any assets,” notes David Limbaugh.

Ann Coulter writes, “We’re beginning to see the final result of that idea [welfare] in Britain. The welfare state creates a society of beasts. Meanwhile, nonjudgmental elites don’t dare condemn the animals their programs have created.”

A dependent class never learns personal responsibility. Take away independence and you take away the incentive to be responsible as well. My guess is none of the rioters will accept any personal responsibility for their actions – instead, they’ll try to blame anything and everything except themselves. They burned cars, looted shops and beat people because (choose one) the rich should give me more money / I had a bad childhood / the government is cutting my benefits / you’re all racists / it’s my right to loot since wealth is so unevenly distributed.

Deprived of what they feel are their “rightful” entitlements – and given a spark – it’s no surprise whenever the dependent class erupts into chaos.

If I had to pick a single issue that has been the biggest destroyer of our nation, I would choose welfare. Welfare has destroyed the financial need for marriage; it has removed the stigma of illegitimacy; it has taken away the pride and dignity of providing for one’s family; it has cultivated an entitlement mentality unassociated with hard work; it has manufactured imagined “rights” out of thin air; it has destroyed our moral compass; and it has encouraged men to abandon their children and thereby eroded the family unit, which was the foundation of this nation.

Like drugs, welfare cannot be quit cold turkey. Victims must be weaned slowly away from their addiction. Their lives must be remediated. They must be taught to understand the connection between work and pay, between effort and reward.

Also as with addiction, many will never be able to kick the habit. These lost souls will always be filled with hatred and malice for those who try to deny them their next “fix.” And they will, like all addicts, continue to be a danger and a drain on decent society.

If you doubt this, then please find me some statistics about the number of crimes committed by welfare recipients verses non-welfare recipients. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

These problems were 70 years in the making, and they may take 70 years to correct. But mark my words: If we don’t destroy the pushers and wean the addicts off the drug addiction of welfare, societies will crumble. It has already begun.

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