How can you support the Buy American cause, get American-made products in return, and gain a voice – joined together with other like-minded Americans – in the halls of Congress that can both help create and influence “Buy American” legislation?

By joining the Buy American Project!

So why is this new, non-profit organization called the “Buy American Project?”

Because we’ve got work to do! If you’ve heard about the challenges facing American manufacturing or seen some of the anti-Buy American legislation coming out of Congress, then you know this to be true.

The founders of the Buy American Project – who are all actively involved with making or promoting American-made products with their respective, privately owned small businesses – formed the Buy American Project because we all wanted to do more to support the American economy.

We saw the lack of pro-buy American legislation and pro-American manufacturing legislation coming out of Congress, and we saw a need to give Americans a united voice behind a patriotic cause we all believed in. For these reasons, the non-profit Buy American Project was established.

What does it cost to join and support the Buy American Project? You can become a member for just $25 a year. And about getting American-made products in return, which I mentioned above? You can receive various American-made “rewards” for joining at slightly higher levels, and you can see just what they are here. This way, we can generate funds to support Buy American legislation and American jobs at the same time!

We understand there are other worthy non-profits out there, but what makes the Buy American Project different is that we focus exclusively on “Buy American” legislation and other similar efforts (which in turn support American manufacturing). We do not give money directly to candidates, since neither party has an exclusive claim on supporting buy American.

But we do encourage all elected officials to support Buy American legislation, regardless of political affiliation. So, if you’re a Republican, your donation won’t go to supporting Democrat candidates, and vice-versa.

We also have an endless supply of ammunition to tell them why it’s in America’s best interest to have Buy American-friendly policies in the United States.

We’ve all heard all the excuses that have been given as to why we shouldn’t support our own producers, and we have bullet-proof answers to counter every single one of them!

So just who are the founders of the Buy American Project, and how have they been supporting the Buy American cause?

As the author of How Americans Can Buy American, I came up with the idea for the Buy American Project last year, and I knew just who to recruit to join me in putting this all together.

I quickly reached out to people I knew I could trust because I’ve known them for years, and who have demonstrated rock-solid commitment to the Buy American cause.

Lawson Nickol founded the All American Clothing Co., which makes jeans, shirts, khakis, and other clothing – all in the United States with American-grown cotton, of course.

Ted Massinello is the president of the USA Coffee Company, which is truly American from tree to cup since all the coffee beans are grown in the great state of Hawaii.

Nita Pandya started one of the very few brick-and-mortar stores in America that sell only American-made merchandise, and his company American Aisle also has an online presence at

The bottom line is that the Buy American Project has a diverse group of owners that cover a diverse mix of American industry from manufacturing, to publishing, retail, and sales, which gives us an advantage with the diverse challenges of the American economy today.

Buying American is rooted and grounded in America’s founding vision, values, and virtues, such as self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and independence.

We cannot import and consume our way to prosperity; we must produce the products that we buy! It is essential that we buy American so there will always be American left to buy.

So I would encourage you to join the Buy American Project today for as little as $25, and join us in fighting for the Buy American cause, and helping us to educate both the American people and their representatives on the importance of Buying American! The independence and future prosperity of the American economy depends on it.

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