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The blame game has grown tiresome

Leaders among Marxists, socialists, liberals – whatever designation one cares to use – believe that they came upon some sort of sage wisdom when they decided that power was an end in itself, and in truth, the only worthwhile end. Then, they called it “progressive,” to psychologically imprint the idea upon the masses that it was forward-thinking, or the next step in societal evolution. This is rubbish, because this political philosophy is retrogressive: It reaffirms populations being ruled over, rather than ruling themselves. The “sage wisdom” collectivist leaders discovered is that ruthlessness and avarice are an easier route to personal security than creativity and contribution to society. This, of course, is manifestly evil.

Corporate barons of the Industrial Revolution – the most reviled archetypes among Marxists – amassed their wealth and power by creating millions of jobs and elevating the standard of living for hundreds of millions of people. Governments and trade unions may have had a part to play in raising society’s consciousness vis-à-vis the rights and conditions of the American worker, but circumstances have been out of balance in this regard for a long time. Government regulation and union demands have crippled American business, as they were intended to do.

At least capitalists pay people. Socialists enslave.

Were we to simply eliminate extraneous federal regulations on business, our economy would slingshot into productivity so fast that people would wonder if it had ever been down. Corporations would bring overseas jobs back to the U.S. Unemployment would be practically nonexistent. The price of goods would drop, and salaries would rise. This is the degree to which socialists have impaired the American economy, blaming the results of their sabotage on capitalism at every step.

We’ve got a politics in which some folks in Congress … would rather see their opponents lose than America win.

– President Obama, Aug. 15, 2011

It is already apparent that at least part of the president’s strategy during this campaign cycle will be that of blaming conservative Republicans for our current economic plight. Just how much this becomes a part of his overall strategy will mean the difference between his running a challenging re-election campaign or a pathetic one.

In George Orwell’s “1984,” the government placed blame for the horrific squalor in which most people lived on faceless enemies with whom the nation was perpetually at war. Blaming outside agencies has always been typical Marxist fare; Orwell recognized that in 1948.

Throughout the Cold War, the Soviets blamed the “decadent West” for their peoples’ woes, as did Cuba’s Castro and Central American communists.

As we’ve seen in Britain, many who are rioting are also doing so in rebellion against a faceless enemy: “The rich,” whom they have been taught to believe are oppressing them and everyone else on the planet. Even after decades of operating with carte blanche, socialists in Europe are still advancing the notion that the anonymous “rich” are mercilessly exploiting “the people.” Wealthy folks are somehow responsible for all of society’s woes. How? Most couldn’t begin to explain it…

My attitude is “get it done …”

– President Obama, Aug. 15, 2011

To that end, the president does nothing, unless you count executive orders, implementing unconstitutional regulatory tweaks under the radar and running his lying gob. And why should he do anything when he can simply blame any and all deepening of our predicament on the opposition, then count on the establishment press to sell the lie?

There’s the rub. Much to the consternation of far-left power players, Obama moved so hard and so fast that resistance coalesced. Though the tea party was forming before he took office, it would never have marshaled the forces it did had Obama only pretended to be the centrist he was advertised as being. Many of the maneuvers this president made that outraged conservatives also terrified beltway liberals due to their scope and audacity. It was Obama’s narcissism that necessitated autocratic action toward actualizing his Marxist dream. The problem was that not all liberal leaders wanted to move that far left – or at least, not that fast. Certainly not so fast as to trigger a resistance movement.

By and by, where the liberal leadership points, the establishment press will follow. We’ve seen this before in terms of their sacrificing dead weight or expendable operatives, and already Obama is being scrutinized more judiciously than usual in the press and by liberal pundits. These just may be the first overtures toward the DNC throwing him under the bus. They would much rather replace him and risk the upheaval this could cause (as well as the risk of losing in 2012), than lose the White House and Congress for the next 30 years.

Thus, Obama is desperate, but don’t mistake that desperation for desolation. The wheels of his radical cabal’s apparatus will keep turning, and plots moving forward, until the day Obama exits the White House for the last time, leaving that signature glistening trail on the sidewalk behind him.