Who is the tea party?

According to the left: racists, Astroturf, tea baggers (pornographic term), hobbits, terrorists.

Come on over. Meet them and see for yourself. They believe in God, freedom, family, hard work, free enterprise, a balanced budget and the Constitution. Why is that so offensive and frightening to the left? Liberals must not be Americans.

A Russian, a black, a Sioux, a Chickasaw/German and a Norwegian got together the other day to discuss a strategy for taking back the Senate and getting a real American president in 2012. Join our conversation.

Tea party 1: Ginger fled communist Russia and surprisingly found the beginnings of communism here.

Tea party 2: Paul wonders why this administration believes in punishing success (Marxism).

Tea party 3: Paul remembers Obama speaking to a crowd and trying to stir up class warfare (Marxism).

Tea party 4: Ginger references a book that explains how Google is amassing power and information.

Tea party 5: Lin reminds us that freedom isn’t free.

So, you see, this is the tea party. Be afraid. Be very afraid. We are the real Americans.

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